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Portstewart Dunes - NI Colour Series 3, 04/09/2021

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Brown (length: 6.5km, 27 controls)
Point calculations
1,162.88 + (68.86 x (5,529.00 - T)) / 838.38
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Dan EarnshawLVOM200301:11:031267
2Peter MeehanNWOCM199701:13:041257
3Steven LintonNWOCM196601:13:051257
4Richard VaseyLVOM197101:16:541238
5Daniel VaseyLVOM200201:27:461184
6Chris ColwellLVOM199101:29:071178
7Michael BurtonLVOM196101:29:171177
8Ian LockingtonNWOCM198101:32:44
9Matthew VaseyLVOM200201:33:101158
10Ciara LargeyFERMOF198701:35:301146
11Richard GambleLVOM197301:36:571139
12Helen PruzinaLVOF199501:43:351107
13Stephanie PruzinaLVOF196501:49:261078
14Paul DanielsLVOM197301:56:531041
15Graeme FrancisLVOM196501:56:561041
16Christopher McClureLVOM200402:03:391008
-Des FletcherNWOCM196202:23:01
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