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Back to Black ... heath, 09/10/2021

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Short Blue (length: 5.3km, 14 controls)
Other courses: Light Green | Orange | Yellow

 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Oliver WilliamsMDOCM199500:30:58
2Richard CollyerGOM197400:34:03
3Sarah RollinsSNF197600:34:41
4Jolyon MedlockWSXM197400:37:34
5Peter DaplynSNM198000:38:29
6Tony BurtonMVM196400:40:02
7Mike FrizzellBADOM195800:40:31
8Colin DicksonBAOCM195500:42:25
9Marc EbanksSNM197000:43:52
10Craig BlackfordBADOM196800:46:58
11Axel BlomquistSNM195200:48:07
12Sophie GordonGOF199500:50:07
13Katie BlackfordBADOF199700:50:10
14Jon SteedBADOM196300:50:48
15Zsolt PodolyakSNM196800:52:05
16Anthony Covey-CrumpSLOWM197400:52:05
17Elisabeth DicksonBAOCF195800:52:11
18Frank EdgeSNM195600:53:01
19Ross MaclaganSNM197400:55:55
20Tom EdelstenGOM194300:57:29
21Philip GristwoodMVM194900:59:05
22Martin ReboulINDM000000:59:30
23Marion Payne-BirdGOF195801:03:16
24Richard FowlerSNM196601:04:12
25Frederick SmithGOM196001:04:23
26Rebecca MedlockWSXF197401:06:20
27Mike BraySNM195501:11:29
28John LileyGOM195701:11:34
29Ronan ClearyLOKM196001:12:31
30George EngelhardtMVM195101:13:25
31Peter RichesTVOCM195001:15:15
32Ben RiversGOM194401:24:37
33Mike ElliotMVM195101:26:01
34Karen RansleySAXF197901:31:14
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