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Date Region Club Level Event Name Event Venue View Results
6 Jun 2021 EAOA SUFFOC Local Orwell Country Park Summer Series Orwell Country Park Results
23 May 2021 EAOA HAVOC Regional Hadleigh Country Park Hadleigh Country Park Results
16 May 2021 EAOA SOS Regional Maldon Urban Maldon Results
25 Apr 2021 EAOA WAOC Regional WAOC Urban Huntingdon Huntingdon Results
18 Apr 2021 EAOA SOS Regional SOS Danbury Park Danbury Results
25 Oct 2020 EAOA SMOC Regional Regional event, National Trust Stowe National Trust Stowe Results
4 Oct 2020 EAOA WAOC Regional Cambourne Urban Cambourne Results
6 Sep 2020 EAOA SUFFOC Local Simon Peck Summer Series 4 Haughley Park Results
6 Sep 2020 EAOA WAOC Local Ampthill Park Local event Ampthill Park Results
15 Mar 2020 National CompassSport Cup Heat Aspley Heath Results
8 Mar 2020 EAOA WAOC Regional Rowney Warren YBT heat Rowney Warren Results
1 Mar 2020 EAOA SUFFOC Regional Ickworth Park Ickworth Park Results
23 Feb 2020 EAOA NOR Regional NOR Colour Coded Event Pretty Corner Results
2 Feb 2020 EAOA SOS Regional SOS Writtle Forest EA League and ESSOL Writtle Forest Results
19 Jan 2020 EAOA NOR Regional NOR Colour Coded Event Houghen Plantation & Drayton Drewary Results
12 Jan 2020 EAOA SUFFOC Regional Knettishall Heath Knettishall Heath Results
5 Jan 2020 EAOA HAVOC Regional Hadleigh event Hadleigh Park Results
15 Dec 2019 EAOA NOR Regional Shouldham Warren EAL Shouldham Warren Results
4 Dec 2019 EAOA SOS Local SOS Winter Series No 2 Danbury Results
1 Dec 2019 EAOA SUFFOC Regional Daisy's Wood event Daisy's Wood Results
24 Nov 2019 EAOA SOS Regional SOS Hylands Park Hylands Park Results
17 Nov 2019 EAOA WAOC Regional Maulden Woods event Maulden Woods Results
10 Nov 2019 EAOA NOR Regional East Anglian Schools Championships Hockham Forest Results
3 Nov 2019 EAOA HAVOC Regional Langdon Hills SWELL & ESSOL Langdon Hills Results
26 Oct 2019 EAOA CUOC National Cambridge City Race 2019 Cambridge Results