Match funding opportunity

Match funding opportunity

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In support of British Orienteering’s Year of the Volunteer, clubs in England can apply to match their own investment in a volunteer project up to £250. For example, a club project that costs £500 can be split with £250 coming from the club and £250 from British Orienteering. Alternatively, the project may cost over £500 but the maximum that can be applied for from British Orienteering is still £250.

Clubs need to complete the application form outlining which category the funding would be used for and how the club intends to develop/ increase the number of volunteers as a result of it. The funding available is on a match funding basis and the club is expected to match or exceed the funding available from British Orienteering.

Below is also a funding process diagram which will help to demonstrate the process involved.

Club funding process:

Club funding application form:

Please send completed application forms to Peter Brooke,

On completion of your project, in order to recieve the remaining balance, the form below will need to be completed and submitted to

Club funding report form: