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Tweet Tuesday 20th February 2018

World Orienteering Day 2018 - calling all clubs and schools to get involved

World Orienteering Day has proven itself to be a highly successful event for global orienteering and in 2018 we hope to once again set a new record in participation and reach the vision of 500 000 participants around the world.

2017 was a great success, with more than 288 000 participants in 79 countries all around the world. Register to be a part of World Orienteering Day 2018 and make it even bigger! 

In May 2018, between May 23rd and May 29th, orienteering activities held can be registered as a World Orienteering Day event.

Göran Andersson, Project Coordinator, World Orienteering Day, at the International Orienteering Federation, says:
This is the third World Orienteering Day and it would be great to see British Orienteering clubs and local schools in the UK supporting and backing World Orienteering Day again this year. World Orienteering Day aims to help provide an opportunity especially for local clubs and schools to raise the profile of orienteering with others who would not normally know about or consider taking part in the sport. It is a great way of showcasing what fun orienteering can be within local communities across the world.”

Be part of it!

For more information, register your events and to access all the free resource materials here

The WOD e-newsletter featuring British Orienteering can be viewed here.

Tweet Monday 19th February 2018

Southampton Orienteering Club is celebrating its 50th year

Southampton Orienteering Club is celebrating its 50th year. As part of our celebrations, we are introducing a new event in an exciting format.

The Sunset and Beyond Relay pits teams of six against each other in a parkland and urban setting.

The early runners will start in daylight then, as the sun sets, later runners will compete in the dark.

Each team will have at least two female runners and be restricted to an age and gender maximum handicap. The competition will be tight with lots of head-to-head running helped by mini-mass starts just a few minutes later than the expected winning time for the previous leg.

You get the excitement of the Harvester in a four to five-hour event!

Date:  24 March 2018
Time:  5.00pm
Location: Fleming Park, Eastleigh, Hampshire.
Team captains can submit their entries now here
Entries are open now until Monday 19 March 2018.
Team declarations can be made at any time up until just before the event.


For more information visit Southampton Orienteering Club's website here.


Do you know of any other orienteering clubs who have already celebrated, currently celebrating or have plans to celebrate a special anniversary of their club next year? 
Tweet Friday 16th February 2018

2017 Volunteer and Club Awards - deadline extended by 7 days!



Club of the Year Award | University Club of the Year Award | Young Volunteer of the Year Award | SILVA Award | Coach of the Year Award

Deadline extended to Friday 23 February 2018.

Full details and nomination forms are available at

Tweet Monday 11th September 2017

The Peter Palmer Junior Relays: The Results

The Peter Palmer Junior Relays took place at the weekend (Saturday 9 to Sunday 10 September) in Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield.  24 teams took part from 15 different orienteering clubs across the UK. 

For the second year running a team from West Cumberland Orienteering Club (WCOC) - Crummock won the Peter Palmer Trophy, and a team from South Yorkshire Orienteers (SYO) - Killer Bees won the Joan George Trophy (for the team whose ages add up to 90 or less).  Suffolk Orienteering Club (SUFFOC) Rising Sun won the Norwich Orienteering Club Anniversary Trophy.

All teams enjoyed the challenge of running the first 2 Legs in the dark and there was a great atmosphere created by the cheering crowds which helped make it a thoroughly enjoyable event for all concerned. 

All photos by Robert Lines

Thanks to everyone who took part and all the helpers who got up at 4 am to make it happen.

Which Club will face the challenge of putting on the event next year?

The full gallery of Robert's photos can be viewed here

All photo credits:  Rob Lines.

Thanks to everyone who took part and all the helpers who got up at 4 am to make it happen.

Which Club will face the challenge of putting on the event next year?

British Orienteering would like to say thank you to all the volunteers who helped with hosting this year's Peter Palmer Junior Trophies Relays at the weekend.  Thank you to all the juniors who took part and contributed to making this a fun weekend.