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Tweet Sunday 27th May 2018

All the Fun of the Fair 2018 - entry deadline 3 June 2018

Morpeth Fair is being held on the weekend of the 9 and 10 June 2018.

This year Morpeth Fair will be incorporating two orienteering events: an Urban event which is part of the UK Orienteering League (UKOL) and the UK Urban League (UKUL) and the British Mixed Sprint Relays.

Hosted by Newcastle and Tyneside Orienteers (NATO)

Saturday 9th June 2018
British Mixed Sprint Relay

Pegswood, by Morpeth, Northumberland

This is an event in its formative years to be held in Pegswood (not a wood as such but a village 3 miles from Morpeth).

The Planner is Adrian Barnes and he has utilised a small Country Park on a reclaimed colliery site linked with a section of colliery rows (houses) and modern housing development. The courses are planned to be difficult but fast.

Entry details:

Senior Open Teams (4 runners) £28
Other Senior Teams (3 runners) £21
Junior Teams (3 runners) £12

Team entries are to be submitted by 3rd June, please, by Emailing: (clicking this link for ease BMSR)
Or via the Newcastle and Tyneside Orienteers (NATO) website herePlease note:  The closing date for entries is the 3 June 2018.

Full details about the British Mixed Sprint Relay can be found here

Sunday 10th June 2018
Urban Races

Morpeth Town, Northumberland

Part of Morpeth Fair Day itself.  

Again Adrian Barnes, a planner with many years experience, has endeavoured to make the courses more entertaining as well as technically difficult. There are a few twists. You have a route choice through the fairground (so grab an ice cream or a candy floss on your way through). There is also a chance to take part in the Fair Day procession. Like at a lot of events, there is a timeout crossing point to cover aspects of safety. It is to hold competitors when the parade goes by. There are gaps in the parade when competitors will be allowed to cross. It is expected the time will be in the region of 2 minutes but may be longer. This crossing point is manned by members of Morpeth Lions who are helping us out. The courses may err on the long side, but to give value for money and to reach the more technical parts of Morpeth and there a few of them.

Entry details:

Senior members (M/W21+) £12
Juniors (M/W20-) / Concessions £6 / Schoolchildren £3

Entry via Fabian4 here.  Please note:  entries close 3  June 2018. 

There will be limited entry on the day.

Full details can be found on the Newcastle and Tyneside Orienteers (NATO) website here


As well as the designated Championship courses there is an Ad-hoc class and we will endeavour to match up individual entries into competitive teams. 

If you are travelling all the way to Morpeth for the Urban event on Sunday then why not come and have a fun run on Saturday?

To find out more visit:


Find out more about the 2018 UK Orienteering League (UKOL) can be found here.

Find out more about the 2018 UK Urban League (UKUL) can be found here.

Find out more about Morpeth Fair here.

Tweet Saturday 26th May 2018

SARUM Orienteering Club's New Junior Programme

The new British Orienteering youth strategy “Every Junior Matters” asks all clubs to cater for juniors and families.  

As an example, SARUM set up a new junior programme in September 2017, as featured in the original article here.  

British Orienteering decided to pay a second visit to see how the club is getting on.

Action from the Sarum Orienteering Club (SARUM), Junior Training Club Night held at Old Sarum, Salisbury.

Peter Hambleton from SARUM Orienteering Club reports: 

"Phew!  A record turnout of 22 children, 13 boys and 9 girls, which stretched the helpers a little. Many thanks to all those Mums who helped with the cat herding. Although there was quite a strong wind we did get some evening sunshine which made the first session at Old Sarum very pleasant indeed.

The exercise today was to use a map to identify controls and then to take a control kite out to a selected control and leave it secured to the feature. Children went out in pairs (mostly) and having left their kite they handed their map over to another pair who had to find and retrieve the kite. Although things got a bit rushed at times this worked out well and helped the children with how to use the map to identify features and their location on the ground.

For a final bit of fitness training a circular handicap race around the old castle site with starting position based on height. Polly led the children round and the juniors sped off in pursuit. Rose just managed to hold off Will by a couple of yards to take first place. There was just time for Shane to get the juniors to jog in line around one of the hill fort ramparts for a great photo."


Find out more and watch the video compilation of the evening’s activities here

Don't forget to turn on the speakers for some atmospheric music.

Interested to read more about the new British Orienteering youth strategy "Every Junior Matters"? 
Find out more here.  

Tweet Saturday 26th May 2018

Sprint Scotland 2018 (19 - 22 July) - book now!

2 coaching days and 3 races!

Sprint Scotland is proud to invite you to a weekend of high-quality sprint orienteering on new areas in Falkirk, Denny and Grangemouth.

Entry prices increase on the 27 May 2018.  

The event is organised by the Masterplan Adventure team of Graham Gristwood, Chris Smithard, Kris Jones and Fanni Gyurko, and includes coaching, Q&A sessions and a ceilidh as well as orienteering! 

Event programme includes:

19 July - Coaching day in Grangemouth South and West, followed by an evening talk.
20 July - Coaching day in Hallglen (Falkirk), followed by an evening talk.
21 July - 2 sprint races in Denny (near Stirling) (Scottish Urban League,  2*WRE), followed by an evening talk and ceilidh.
22 July - 1 sprint race in Grangemouth North (WRE).

Entries are open.  You can book your place here.  

Sprint Scotland website can be accessed here.  

Tweet Thursday 8th February 2018

Elite Athlete Winter Training Series - Interview #4: with Alasdair McLeod

Winter Training and Motivation: Athlete Focus

The temperature is cold, and the days are shorter. Struggling to maintain the motivation for training or orienteering regularly? You're not alone. Getting yourself out on cold dark mornings and evenings takes a lot more motivation than it might do in July.

Pick up some tips and see what makes up a typical training week for some of our top elite athletes this winter with our elite athlete focus feature series.

Athlete name:  Alasdair McLeod

Athletes club:  Airienteers

Athletes age:  27

Athlete's biggest achievement?

Some World Orienteering Championships top 30's and 6th at TioMila.

Typical training week over winter (including mileage, terrains, etc)?

Try to run each day for an hour. Try to run in terrain. Try to do two intense things each week and try to do one long more than 2 hours run each week.

Alasdair McLeod competing 

Technical training over the winter?

A few night league races and the odd technical training weekend. I start more technical training after February.

Top 3 tips for staying motivated in winter?

  • Have some short-term goals that allow you to stay motivated
  • Remember good stuff from previous seasons to keep you inspired and remind you why you enjoy the sport
  • Don’t let setbacks bring you down. Winter training will never go exactly to plan.

Thank you, Alasdair.  British Orienteering and members would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best with your training throughout the rest of the year.


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