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World Orienteering Day - 23 May 2018

World Orienteering Day - Wednesday 23 May 2018

World Orienteering Day takes place on 23 May this year, organised by the International Orienteering Federation (IOF), and all countries and particularly young people are encouraged to hold or participate in orienteering activities during the week 23-29 May 2018.

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World Orienteering Day is set to see thousands of orienteering events taking place across the world! Here in the UK, there are 78 events set to take place throughout the day.

Please help us to generate some momentum throughout the day! 
Please use social media and include #WorldOrienteeringDay and mention British Orienteering or @GBROrienteering

Please tell us how you are involved in the UK?  Please share by tagging British Orienteering @GBROrienteering and #WorldOrienteeringDay with a photo of your event or orienteering activity on the day. 





Help break a world record!  All clubs, schools, youth or outdoor groups across the UK are being asked to take part – it is for anyone who wants to give orienteering a try! 

Don’t forget to download and the wide range of FREE supporting resources hereFor example, a World Orienteering Day certificate to help celebrate the occasion. 

For more information about orienteering club’s events and activities click here.

Be part of it! For more information about World Orienteering Day visit

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World Orienteering Day - Are You Ready?

Please read the World Orienteering Day Newsletter published by the IOF below!

Over 1000 WOD events in 76 countries so far, but we hope for more WOD events during this year World Orienteering Day. As you know the main day is the May 23rd but you can also organise WOD events between May 23rd-29th. Please make a cooperation club and school, make your daily training day as a WOD activity, let the ordinary competition event be part of WOD. All orienteering activities count!!!

Preregister it at worldorienteeringday.

Gdansk is ready for WOD

This year Poland will organise a WOD event in the “Ronald Reagan Park” in Gdansk. Sprint-O, Park-O, Forest-O and maybe some Maze-O as well will be the offer from the club to all students around the park but also for athletes who are running in the park.

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Avesta is ready for WOD

The orienteering club, Dalaporten OL (in Avesta Sweden), there was a MAZE-O organised in connection with the ordinary O-event.

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Peo Bengtsson is ready for WOD

During May 23rd Peo will organise an event both for children at school and for his team-mates in his home club, OK Pan Kristianstad.

Peo is ready for WOD!

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O-Track is Ready for WOD

O-Track is now also ready for WOD. After a lot of work from both Trac-Trac and OCAD and great support from the Danish Orienteering Federation, we have now released the “O-Track”.

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Seychelles is ready for WOD

Are you intending to go on holiday to Seychelles in the near future and you wish with the help of the map to discover the island of La Digue, why not arrange a WOD event?

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Asker is ready for WOD

Asker Skiclub in Oslo has sent out a simple flyer to inform the students about WOD.

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Go4Orienteering supports World Orienteering DAY and offers a free series of 48 orienteering exercises, available on request. All the information about the exercises is available on the website.

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1-2-3-4 steps to orienteering

The aim of the leaflet is to guide you through the basic knowledge of orienteering in a simple manner and to make orienteering understandable and fun to carry out.

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British Relay Championships 2018 - Relay

Sunday 20 May 2018: British Orienteering Championships - Relay race, Torphantrick  

Torphantrick, part of the Inchmarnoch Estate near Ballater, was a fine setting for the British Relay Championships. Castles and sunshine were not present, but the venue was on a pleasant meadow in a loop of the River Dee, a favoured spot for fisherman but fortunately Sunday is a rest day for salmon.

The terrain was very different from Balmoral, including Scots Pine plantation recently thinned (with brashings) and more open oak and birch forest. There was an intricate path and fence network overlaid on some complex moraine features. Parallel errors were commonplace but the area was fair and fortunately no teams were out for too long.

British Orienteering Chair Judith Holt was however still out as third Leg runner as the prize giving started. Colin Matheson, British Orienteering Championships (BOC) Event Coordinator and Events Manager for Scottish Orienteering stepped in for the BOC Long Distance presentations while Judith completed her run and changed just in time to present the Relay medals and trophies.

Soon it was all over and 'Limelight', our excellent Event Services crew, cleared the arena ready for the return of the sheep. So that’s it for another year and we hope everyone makes the trip south (or north for many) to Yorkshire next year.

Simple results and splits
Split times, WinSplits Online

All results(pdf)

Entries Secretary David Nicol (FVO). Credit:  C Matheson

Photo above - M/W 70 Relay winners 

1st: Cliff Etherden, Carol McNeill, Simon Cane (LOC) 
2nd: Geoffrey Hensman, Lindsey HEnsman, Dave Coustick (FVO) 
3rd:  Alastair Lessells, Eleanor Pyrah, John McLaren (ESOC). 

Photo credit:  Deeside Camera Club

Photo above:  Relay A: Premier winners

1st: Chris Smithard, Mark Nixon, Kris Jones (FVO)
2nd:  Alex Carcas, Matthew Fellbaum, Alexander Chepelin (EUOC)
3rd:  Alan Cherry, Josh Beech, Matthew Speake.

Photo credit:  Deeside Camera Club

Thanks go to the Balmoral Estates and in particular Garry Marsden for permission to stage the Long Distance Championships at Balmoral on Saturday 19th May – the same day as the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Torphantrick is part of the Inchmarnoch Estate, and thanks go to Mrs J C Carson for permission to use this area for the British Relay Championships on Sunday 20th May.

British Orienteering would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the clubs who gave their time as volunteers to help stage this competition. MAROC, ESOC, TAY, ECKO, CLYDE and FVO were the main clubs involved with the Long Distance Championships.  GRAMP and BASOC were the main clubs involved with the British Relay Championships.  Individuals from other clubs across Scotland are also involved.

Especially thanks also to Colin Matheson (Event Coordinator, Day Organiser and Safety Officer and Events Manager at SOA), Assistant Coordinator: Ross Lilley (ECKO), Treasurer: Jackie Reynard (GRAMP), Entries: David Nicol (FVO), Payments: Sarah Hobbs (Membership & Communications Officer, SOA), Long Distance - Planner: Steve Nicholson (FVO), Assistant Planner: Ian Hamilton (GRAMP), Controller: Brian Bullen (FVO), Assistant Controller: Dave Armitage (GRAMP), Relays: Planner: Clive Masson (ESOC), Assistant Planner: Chris Huthwaite (BAOC), Controller: Donald Grassie (MOR).

Thank you to all who travelled up to the Championships and took part in this event.   Another great weekend of Orienteering set in superb surroundings and enjoyed by all.  

Tweet Wednesday 14th February 2018

Today (14 Feb) - first entry closing date for British Orienteering Championships

The British Orienteering Championships 2018 will be held at Balmoral on Saturday 19 May 2018 and Sunday 20 May 2018.

The Scottish Orienteering Association (SOA) is staging the British Orienteering Championships 2018 over the weekend Saturday 19th May to Sunday 20th May in Royal Deeside. The Long Distance Championships will be held over the Balmoral Estate with the British Relay Championships at nearby Torphantrick (Cambus o’May).

STOP PRESS:  The first (lowest price) closing date for entries is today Wednesday 14 February.  Be sure to take advantage of this great offer!

Entry Fees for Championship courses are: 

  Entries open now - 14th Feb 2018 Entries 15th Feb 2018 –  4th Apr 2018 Entries 5th Apr 2018 – 4th May 2018
Seniors M/W21+ £21.50 £23.65 £25.80
Juniors M/W20- and students M/W21+ £9.00 £9.90 £10.80

You can enter here.

More information about the British Orienteering Championships 2018 can be found here.