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Tweet Monday 12th November 2018

Southern Night Championships (UKOL) - Saturday 24 November 2018

Guildford Orienteers presents the Southern Night Championships 2018 (Level B) at Puttenham Common and Britty Wood
on Saturday 24 November.

The organiser of the Southern Night Championships, Jeremy Wilde, commented:

"Puttenham Common has been gorgeous if rather cold on these recent clear nights under the full moon. Plans for the Southern Night Champs are well advanced and we are looking forward to a great evening on the 24th of November.

We have hired Myrtle's Courtyard on the Hampton Estate - the Common is part of the Estate - to use as our Event Centre. Tom's burger wagon will be there serving up the usual hot drinks and food, as well as Ian's Ultrasport van. Be there - for a night of O-delight!"

Entries are still open: book online via by Saturday 17 November 2018.


Organiser: Jeremy Wilde (Guildford Orienteers)
Planner: Tim Denton (Guildford Orienteers)
Controller: Alan Wallis (Southern Navigators)

This is a UK Orienteering League event.

For more information about the Southern Night Championships visit here.


Photos supplied: Guildford Orienteers

British Orienteering would like to thank all volunteers from Guildford Orienteers and surrounding clubs for their hard work in putting on this event and wishing all members a great evening of night orienteering.  

Tweet Sunday 11th November 2018

2019 Senior GB Squad Announced

British Orienteering is pleased to announce the Senior GBR Squad for 2019. The squad features 25 athletes, 15 men and 10 women, with a wide range of experience.

Many familiar faces return including European Championship Sprint Bronze medallist Kris Jones and Mixed Sprint Relay Bronze medallists from Round 1 of the 2017 IOF World Cup; Cat Taylor, Peter Hodkinson and Ralph Street.

'Being part of the squad since 2004 has been great for my orienteering development as it provided me information on the aspects around elite sport, it allowed me to experience a variety of different terrain, and it gave me a way to access funding sources' said Ralph.

Many of the World Orienteering Championships Team from 2018 are back intent on building on some strong performances over the year. With the International calendar seeing some significant changes, moving to a forest only World Championships in 2019 followed by a sprint World Championships in 2020 there will be opportunities for athletes focussed on both or either discipline to shine in 2019.

In addition to the familiar faces, there are three new members. The Selection Panel recognised the results and performances of some younger athletes with Matthew Fellbaum’s Silver at the Junior World Championships faces meaning he joins the senior squad along with Alex Carcas and Jamie Parkinson.  

Tweet Saturday 10th November 2018

Now is the time to try orienteering!

Orienteering is a challenging outdoor adventure sport that exercises both the mind and the body. The aim is to navigate in sequence between control points marked on a unique orienteering map and decide the best route to complete the course in the quickest time.


Events are held by clubs across the country offering courses to suit all technical and physical abilities. Volunteers are always on hand to show you how to get started and give you some tips and tricks that will mean you get the most out of your orienteering experience. 

We understand that a lot of people might be quite put off by starting at a competitive event, although there is no need to be, which is why we also offer a way to take part in your own time through permanent orienteering courses. These fixed orienteering routes are located across the UK for you try. You simply download a map and just go! This is a great way of exploring local areas either when you are away on holiday or taking a short break in the UK.

Find out more about how you can get involved by visiting the British Orienteering website:

Try orienteering today
Tweet Monday 9th July 2018

Today's JWOC Long Distance Results for GB team

Fiona Bunn
Matt Fellbaum

Today's Long race at Pirto proved to be a tough challenge, both mentally and physically for the team, and it was undoubtedly a difficult day for many of the runners involved. The distances (M20: 15k & W20: 10.2k) were some of the longest ever recorded at a JWOC and this, coupled with the heat, meant that the individual's conditioning was tested to the absolute limits. Coping best with this challenge were the two top athletes from the team, with Fiona Bunn narrowly missing out on replicating her top 20 from last year, coming home in 23rd, and Matthew Fellbaum recording his first top 30 result at JWOC, with 27th overall.

Fiona dropped some time early on in the technical, scrappy green section, but from the first radio control onwards was running as fast as the other girls in the top 10, aside from the remarkable Swiss winner, Simona Aerbersold, who took Gold by over 5 minutes. Matthew felt his run was reasonably composed, with only a few small time losses here and there, but he just felt that the conditions were too quick and didn't suit his style of technical orienteering. He will be hoping that the slower conditions of the Middle race later in the week will play to his strengths. Kapser Fosser (NOR) dominated the race, winning by over 4 minutes.

Across the rest of the team, very few athletes were happy with their runs and were left ruing a number of mistakes and missed opportunities. The key now will be their ability to extract the positives from the race and refocus in time for the Sprint tomorrow, a discipline where historically GB runners have done very well and many will be hoping to repeat their good showings at last year's JEC in this discipline.


GB Results:


Fiona Bunn

GBR Great Britain



67:50 (23)



Matthew Fellbaum

GBR Great Britain



79:42 (27)



Grace Molloy

GBR Great Britain



70:49 (38)



Aidan Rigby

GBR Great Britain



85:31 (51)



Alastair Thomas

GBR Great Britain



86:07 (53)



Emma Wilson

GBR Great Britain



77:47 (77)



Niamh Hunter

GBR Great Britain



81:37 (93)



Chloe Potter

GBR Great Britain



85:16 (107)



Alex Carcas

GBR Great Britain



99:25 (114)



Daniel Spencer

GBR Great Britain



99:57 (116)



Eddie Narbett

GBR Great Britain






Laura King

GBR Great Britain