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Tweet Monday 19th November 2018

Julie Cleary (LOK) takes on an Orienteering Control Challenge

London Orienteering Klubb longstanding member and controller Julie Cleary has decided to take up an Orienteering Control Challenge to give back to her chosen charity of 'The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia.'

Julie comments: “When I had my stroke 10 years ago I was diagnosed with aphasia. Aphasia is an inability to formulate or understand language, often caused by strokes but any brain trauma can cause the condition – like dementia. Fortunately, I could understand what people were saying to me but I couldn’t answer them – at all at first. My Speech and Language Therapist worked very hard with me teaching and helping me speak, read and write again.”

“For one month I’m trying to find 120 control flags. That’s 1 control for each month of the 10 years since my stroke and currently, I’m three-quarters the way through. I have now found 89 controls: in glorious sunshine in Godalming and Northaw on 20 and 21 October, on Sunday 28th in the cold and rainy environs of Knole Park, Sevenoaks and last weekend at the Winchester Urban race and the marshes of the November Classic.

"Life without language is frightening and a lot frustrating – I know that now. Any donations however small would be welcome to my chosen charity, the Tavistock Trust for Aphasia, whose work aids research into the condition and whose grants help people who have lost their voices.”

Finding 120 control flags

To find out more - please see details of Julie's Orienteering Challenge at this link:


Orienteering Control Challenge for The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia on MyDonate

Visiting 120 orienteering controls - 1 for every month in the 10 years since my stroke.

Tweet Sunday 18th November 2018

On-line training now available on YouTube

Following the pilot of online training, we’re pleased to announce that all three sessions are now available to view on YouTube.

To view the session on YouTube simply visit British Orienteering’s YouTube channel:
British Orienteering on YouTube

A positive future is forecast following the live online training pilot and subsequent survey.

Leading the pilot, Peter Brooke commented: “The numbers viewing the sessions live was really pleasing and grew with every session. The data also shows that members have continued to watch each session as a recording achieving one of our key aims of providing support and training at a time to suit individuals. During the pilot we were aware of some technical issues and with each session now on YouTube, they should be available for everyone to access.”

“The survey has also helped us to understand key topics members wish to see and how best to promote these.”

Check out British Orienteering's YouTube Channel

From the survey, members told us that the best way to hear about the webinars we’re through their own clubs email and British Orienteering's centrally published e-newsletters, so don’t forget to select the member newsletter when renewing your membership.

(Those completing the survey could pick more than one option).

Publicity Avenue

Response percentage

Club email


British Orienteering newsletter


British Orienteering website








In addition to viewing on YouTube, the sessions can continue to be viewed through the Microsoft Teams application using the previous links.

Tweet Friday 16th November 2018

British Schools Orienteering Championships 2018

Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 November 2018

Witton Park, Blackburn

Organised by Pendle Forest Orienteers, South East Lancs. Orienteering Club, Lakeland Orienteering Club and Octavian Droobers.

Saturday 17th November World Schools Qualification Races & Training Event
Sunday 18th November British Schools Orienteering Championships 2018

Supported by the British Schools Orienteering Association

Final details for these two events are available here.

Overall Organiser Melanie Elkington, says: 
"We wish all athletes the best of luck in both competitions and are hoping for a dry weekend."





Overall Organiser: Melanie Elkington

Saturday SQE: Planner – Richard Tiley; Organiser – Hamish Willis; Controller – Barry Elkington

Saturday training: Planner – Bridget Jardine; Organiser – Hamish Willis

Sunday: Planner – Stephen Richards; Organiser – Barbara Alexander; Controller – Richard Tiley


Many thanks to United Utilities, Blackburn Council and Witton Country Parks for allowing us to use their areas.


British Orienteering would like to especially thank Melanie Elkington and all the officials for their hard work involved in organising this weekend.  Wishing all attending a fun and enjoyable weekend of junior orienteering.

British Schools Orienteering Championships 2018
Tweet Thursday 8th November 2018

Did You Know? British Orienteering is part of the Open Active initiative

Did You Know?

British Orienteering is part of the Open Active initiative, all event details uploaded by clubs is shared in an open platform that enables a wide range of innovators and businesses to use this data in amazing ways like featuring your events in apps and websites that reach huge audiences.

Watch this video to find out more about how this could work for your club - here.

British Orienteering is part of the Open Active initiative

What can I do?

If you are involved in helping to run events for your club or even just want to help out, check that the information being uploaded to the British Orienteering website includes all the necessary details that someone who doesn’t orienteer would need to book. The more information the better but as a minimum, all your events should have the following registered directly on the website:

  • Location, it’s important to use both grid reference and nearest postcode. Postcode will be used by many people as a navigation point as well as by activity promoters to put your event on their map
  • Times, it is important to give a clear indication of when the event will be taking place
  • Entry fees, clarity on cost for potential participants is important
  • Contact details, this is one of the most important details for those who want to understand how they can access orienteering and should preferably include both email and phone number
  • The event website, make it easy to find additional details on the club website not just direct to the homepage

We also know that we have a large number of IT professionals and innovators across the membership who may want to use this freely available data to provide better services specifically for orienteering. If you want to know more about the Open Active initiative click here and you can find the British Orienteering open data here.

2019 is expected to be the year where Open Data in the sport and physical activity sector makes a big jump and there are a huge number of opportunities that will be open to orienteering because we have made this data open (remember, open data isn’t personal data or your customer's data - just information about your upcoming sessions!) but only if the data we provide is of a good standard. This is other organisations doing your promotion for you!