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Tweet Sunday 16th June 2019

Highlighting our Volunteer and Mapping Awards Winners Again!

British Orienteering has supported Volunteer's Week (1 - 7 June 2019), and as it closes let's celebrate our Volunteer and Club Awards Winners again!

Celebrating and thanking again all this year's Volunteer and Club Award Winners

Young Volunteer of the Year 2018 

Winner:  Holly Stodgell of Walton Chasers 

Holly has started up an after-school orienteering club at her school and is leading the training sessions, providing motivation to the group and setting the training schedule. She has coordinated a group of adults to take on the coaching and getting the group from nothing to light green/green standard is a huge achievement. 

It is great to see the next generation of volunteers so committed to the sport.

Young Volunteer of the Year
Volunteer of the Year

Volunteer of the Year 2018 

As part of our Year of the Volunteer, we launched this new award to recognise those volunteers committed to orienteering.  

Winner:  Alan Honey of Bristol Orienteering Klub 

In 2018 Alan has been Chairman of Bristol Orienteering Klub (BOK), organised the British Sprint Championships at Bath University, initiated the successful Track to Terrain project, started a training course for new coaches and volunteered numerous club events and activities. Alan put huge amounts of personal time and effort into these projects and, together with the team he leads has been responsible for BOK’s continuing successes. 

The commitment shown by all volunteers to the sport is a fantastic example of some of the work going on to deliver and develop orienteering across the UK. Congratulations to Alan Honey who this year is announced as Volunteer of the Year 2018.   

University Club of the Year 2018 

University Club of the Year 2018 

Winner:  Loughborough University Orienteering Club is University Club of the Year 2018. 

After the club was revived in 2014 following a long period of being dormant, LUOC has gradually increased membership, participation orienteering activities at the university to become one of the UK’s most active student orienteering clubs. The club has a busy training schedule with sessions on most weekday evenings and regular competition on weekends with much support for local club events from LEI, DVO, NOC and OD. Regular coaching for beginners means many have progressed to competiting on m/w21 elite courses. The club works closely with the University to support volunteers in a range of training provision for coaches and volunteers.  

It is fantastic to see such strong University Clubs and we can only hope that we see more University Clubs developing this strength in the future. 

Club of the Year 2018 

Winner:  South Yorkshire Orienteers is Club of the Year 2018. 

South Yorkshire Orienteers 

In 2018 SYO has continued to grow and develop through offering a wide-ranging program of events, club nights, socials and monthly coaching sessions. Club Nights are a recent addition initially funded by Sport England they are now self-sustaining with 60-70 participants per week during term time. The clubs Volunteer Coordinator ensures that the club's program is well supported and run regular training opportunities for members. In 2018 the club introduced a point scheme similar to parkrun where participants and volunteers get points towards a club t-shirt for their participation. SYO have strong links with community organisations across Sheffield and this has led to a diverse participant and member demographic.  

Peter Palmer Coach of the Year 2018 

Winner:  Jason Falconer of Wessex Orienteering  

Jason is Head Coach of Wessex Orienteering and regularly delivers the Tuesday evening club training for all members. In addition, Jason works closely with Active Dorset to promote Orienteering, delivering a series of coached sessions over 6 weeks (half a term) to groups of Key Stage 2 children. The sessions progress through all skills of the sport and include a competition finale using S.I. kit; often off-site on one of WSX permanent courses. In Autumn of 2018 Jason worked closely with Beat the Street to link families in the Poole area to the club. 

SILVA Award 

SILVA Award winner 2018 is John Warren (Wimborne Orienteers).

John has been an active member of Wimborne Orienteers since 1976 and in the years following has been involved in all aspects of orienteering. John took on the assistant organiser role for the JK in 1979 just 3 years after starting in the sport and didn’t look back organising, planning and controlling events at all levels over the past 42 years including organising the World Orienteering Championships Relays at Avielochan in 1999. Yet John has a particular passion in working with newcomers, helping introduce them to the sport and he is always on hand to offer skills advice and encouragement. He works closely with the local council to deliver Activate events and acting as lead coach for club activities on permanent courses he helped map, plan and install.

To quote John: ‘
‘Volunteering’ hasn’t been so much of an effort, it has mostly been a real sense of satisfaction and I hope that in a small way has contributed to a lot of people having enjoyable experiences taking part in the sport that we love." 

British Orienteering would like to again take this opportunity to say a massive 'THANK YOU' to all this year's award winners as well as to everyone who makes orienteering happen across the country every week.  

Tweet Sunday 16th June 2019

Scotland Orienteering Association - Celebrated Volunteer's Week: 1- 9 June

With Volunteers’ Week taking place from 1-7 June 2019, the Scottish Orienteering Association celebrated many of the volunteers on their website who help make orienteering in Scotland great.

Highlighting just two of their volunteers within their individual clubs saying thank you to their volunteers. 

Inverness Orienteering Club starting off the week...

  • Celebrating Volunteers – Day 1 (Saturday 1 June 2019):  Inverness Orienteering Club  
    Highlighting volunteers from Inverness Orienteering Club - read volunteer profiles with Dave Summer and Jenny Hall here.
  • Celebrating Volunteers – Day 2 (Sunday 2 June 2019):  Moravian Orienteers 
    Highlighting volunteers from Moravian Orienteers - read volunteer profiles with  Ian Welsh and Rosie Pye here.
  • Celebrating Volunteers - Day 3 (Monday 3 June 2019): Mar Orienteering Club
    Highlighting volunteers from Mar Orienteering Club - read volunteer profiles with Pat Graham and Fran Getliff here.
  • Celebrating Volunteers – Day 4  (Tuesday 4 June 2019): East Lothian Orienteers
    Highlighting volunteers from East Lothian Orienteers - read volunteer profiles of Michael Atkinson and Jamie Wilson here.
  • Celebrating Volunteers – Day 5 (Wednesday 5 June 2019):  Solway Orienteers
    Highlighting volunteers from Solway Orienteers - read volunteer profiles of Stuart Graham and Dave McQuillen here.
  • Celebrating Volunteers – Day 6  (Thursday 6 June 2019):  Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club
    Highlighting volunteers from Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club - read volunteer profiles of Judy Bell and Ewart Scott here.
  • Celebrating Volunteers – Day 7 - Part 1 (Friday 7 June 2019):  Edinburgh University Orienteering Club
    Highlighting volunteers from Edinburgh University Orienteering Club - read volunteer profiles of Ali Masson and Laura King - here.
  • Celebrating Volunteers – Day 7 Part 2  (Friday 7 June 2019):  Grampian Orienteers
    Highlighting volunteers from Grampian Orienteers - read volunteer profiles of Rachel Scott and Bob Daly - here.

British Orienteering would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the volunteers who have been highlighted over the last week!   

Across the country, there is such a lot of support given to our sport by so many volunteers often a lot of their work is behind the scenes and in the background.  British Orienteering would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone who gives their time to support our sport across the UK - you are the lifeblood of the sport.  THANK YOU!

Tweet Saturday 15th June 2019

Teaching Orienteering - Part 1 Course - bookings now being taken!

One day course at the following venues:
Wednesday 26 June 2019
Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre, Loughborough Road LE4 5PN
9.30am - 16.30pm

Who should attend Teaching Orienteering Part 1?

The training is aimed at teachers, youth sector workers and people working in schools and outdoor centres. The training delivers the knowledge, understanding and practical ability to teach the basic skills of orienteering. Anyone over the age of 16 may attend the course, however, the Orienteering Young Leader Award suitable for 14 – 19-year-olds may better meet young people’s needs. Attending Teaching Orienteering Part 1 is a prerequisite for anybody wishing to deliver the Orienteering Young Leader Award or attend the British Orienteering Teaching Orienteering Part 2 training.

Are there prerequisites?

The only prerequisite is that you must be over 16 years of age. It will be an advantage although not essential if you have knowledge of orienteering prior to the course.

Teaching Orienteering - Part 1 Bookings now being taken

What is a person who has attended a Teaching Orienteering Part 1 trained to do?

Introduce the basic skills of orienteering to beginners in a fun and exciting way in areas that are safe such as school sites or outdoor centre grounds. You will also be able to deliver simple competitions for participants.

What does Teaching Orienteering Part 1 training involve?

On the course, you will be provided with the knowledge you require to introduce the basic skills of orienteering and be given the opportunity to discuss and practice using this knowledge. The course is 6 hours and practical in nature and you will be expected to join in with group discussions and activities.

What are the learning outcomes of the training?

  • Introduce children to orienteering in a safe environment
  • Plan sessions which introduce the basic understanding of how to use an orienteering map and include the following skills: map as a bird’s eye view, the importance of north, map orientation, use of map colours and commonly used symbols, keeping in contact with the map and “thumbing”.
  • Plan and deliver orienteering sessions that meet the safety standards required by British Orienteering.
  • Organise and deliver simple orienteering competition
  • Be able to advise children on the opportunities to further their orienteering experience

Is there assessment – if so what form does it take?

This course is not assessed; following the training candidates will receive a certificate of attendance. Candidates wishing to gain a formal, assessed qualification should talk to a tutor to identify the most appropriate route for them to take.

To book onto this course please contact David Robinson, Leisure Outdoor Pursuits Centre   

Website  or telephone: 0116 268 1426


Can't make this date and want an alternative course at a different location, then check out:

Tweet Wednesday 9th January 2019

Chiltern Challenge 2019

National and Ranking Event

Sunday 17 February 2019
Penn and Common Woods, High Wycombe

Thames Valley Orienteering Club (TVOC) look forward to welcoming competitors to this cross country orienteering national event next month.

What can competitors expect?

The areas are ancient woodlands. Penn Wood and Penn Estate are generally flat, as is Common Wood but it has a steep north-facing slope. The woods are very varied with a mixture of conifer, beech and oak, and some open areas. There are also many pits/depressions as a result of ancient clay and flint workings. 

Penn Wood

Event Organiser Mark Thompson (TVOC), says:  "We have a very experienced planner in Nev Baker and an excellent recently updated map by Bob and Pattie Beresford. The woods are challenging for navigation requiring different techniques through a woodland of varying runnability. I am sure there will be lots of route choice on offer; the much longer path run versus tricky navigation on the straighter line route. The longer courses will visit Common Wood which is very technical." 

Online entries are now open via Fabian4 here.

Please note: Pre-entry closing date is midnight on Sunday 10 February 2019. There will be limited entries on the day subject to map availability.

EMITag touch-free punching will be used – this is great practice for JK 2019.


Organiser: Mark Thompson (Thames Valley Orienteering Club)

Planner: Neville Baker (Thames Valley Orienteering Club)

Controller: Keith Downing (South Midlands Orienteering Club)


More information about this event is available here.