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Tweet Sunday 22nd September 2019

2019 City Race Euro Tour heading to Liverpool on 5 - 6 October 2019

By Deeside and South-East Lancashire Orienteering Clubs


The City Race Euro Tour brings orienteering events to major European Cities with enthusiastic spectators, courses visiting city highlights and plenty of time for tourism. There are courses for everyone from 10 to over to 70 years and for newcomers, experienced orienteers and elite athletes.


The 2019 tour takes all participants to some wonderful European Cities and includes spectacular controls in some of the most beautiful and iconic tourist spots in Europe. Participants can combine the Middle and Long distance urban races together with the culture and sights of the cities, good accommodation, traditional food and enthusiastic spectators!

Having already visited Porto, Ostend, Graz, Darmstadt and Zagreb, the City Tour 2019 is set to arrive in Liverpool on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 October before heading off to Rome (1-3 November 2019), Barcelona (9-10 November 2019) and then finally to Valle de Ambroz (30 November-1 December 2019). 

Deeside and South-East Lancashire Orienteering Clubs are delighted that their 2019 Liverpool Big Weekend will be part of the Euro City Race Tour series and, on Sunday 6 October, the UK Urban League.

The weekend will kick off with a middle distance urban/park race on the afternoon of Saturday 5 October in a new area about 20-30 minutes walk from the city centre. Competitors will enjoy great views over the city, the River Mersey, the Wirral peninsula and out to the Irish Sea.

On Sunday morning, 6 October, the classic distance Euro City Race and UK Urban League race will take in the sights of Liverpool based in the RIBA North building in the UNESCO waterfront.

If you can visit for longer, there are opportunities to orienteer on a permanent course in the sand dunes close to Liverpool and accessible by train.

Enter now at Fabian4.  The closing date for entries is midnight on Sunday 29 September.

The newcomer's course, available at Sunday’s event only, is intended for runners who wish to try orienteering. The actual distance run on the course will be in the range 6-8km.

Pete Owens, Chair of Deeside Orienteering Club, says: 
“We are delighted to be working again with our friends at SELOC and looking forward to welcoming orienteers from at least 15 countries to the famous city of Liverpool."
Annmarie Thetford, Chair of South East Lancs. Orienteering Club, says:  “Really looking forward to another quality event from the experienced SELOC and DEE team in the fabulous city that gave birth to the Beatles, Steven Gerrard, William Gladstone, two Dr. Who’s – and me.”










Above competitors competing in Liverpool.  Photo credits:  Peter Cull (MDOC)

Above competitors competing in Liverpool.  Photo credits:  Peter Cull (MDOC)

Photo credits:  Peter Cull (MDOC)

ROBA North assembly building
Waterfront with Ferry

For more information, visit: or facebook @liverpoolcityrace

Tweet Saturday 21st September 2019

Good experience gained from Euromeeting 2019 in Vitipalu, Estonia

By Mike Pedley, East Pennine Orienteering Club (EPOC)

Euromeeting 2019 / XXXI Suunto Games in Estonia

This year's two day Euromeeting was held alongside the Suunto Games, Estonia's largest annual orienteering event.  It provides an opportunity for international competition to some on the fringes of the GB elite group and to juniors moving into the senior ranks. 

The women's event was won by Latvia's Sandra Grosberga from Finland's Amy Nymalm. Cat Taylor (SYO), there to gain experience of terrain similar to European Orienteering Championships 2020 (EOC 2020), was 24th and Fay Walsh (EUOC) 34th of the 38 starters.

The mens race attracted a larger field of 72 runners and was won overall by Olli Ojanaho (Finland) who overhauled local favourite and Day 1 winner, Timo Sild, in the rain drenched Day 2 chasing start. Duncan Birtwistle (OD) was first in 31st place (24th on Day 2) with Josh Dudley (MAROC) 36th, Josh Beech (EBOR) 45th and Alasdair Pedley (EUOC), still M20, in 46th.


Full results can be found here

Photo credit:  Mike Pedley, East Pennine Orienteering Club (EPOC)

Euromeeting Day 2 - Cat Taylor
Tweet Friday 20th September 2019

British Middle Championships 2019

By Sal Chaffey and Ranald Macdonald, Derwent Valley Orienteers

British Middle Distance Championships
Sunday 15 September 2019

Organiser Sal Chaffey from Derwent Valley Orienteers, comments:

Our day for “the Middles” was a foggy one, amidst days of blue autumnal skies. This was certainly true on the Friday, when a small team met at Piece Farm to place the eight temporary stiles on the moor, and on Saturday when the marquee arrived and we set up the arena, cheered by news of Derwent Valley Orienteers' medals at the British Sprint Championships in Loughborough. Again, the Monday and Tuesday after the event provided excellent drying days for the soggy assortment of kites and kit!

However, on Sunday morning you couldn’t see the portaloos from the marquee – it was like being on another planet and I was relieved when the first non-DVO competitors emerged from the mists as I knew that others would surely follow.

Above photo on left:  The Arena on Saturday. Piece Farm (on the left), Lantern Pike (on the right). 

Above photo on right:  The first brave spectators set up tents in the mists of Sunday morning!


And they did. Some 877 competed on the day, 859 of those on Championship courses. 

We had about 80 helpers from DVO, most of whom undertook an array of different jobs as the day progressed – thank you all!  Thank you to Viv Macdonald who liaised with the DVO Teams and dealt with road signs, making my job so much easier. Mike Godfree handled entries.  

Thanks also to the Prize-giving Team of Val Johnson and the Duckworth and O’Donnell families who enabled the Hallam family from Piece Farm to be involved. 

Unclaimed medals and maps will be available at DVO’s Regional event at Longshaw on Saturday 26 October. Longshaw is a beautiful National Trust area just 10 miles SW of Sheffield, and the event is part of the East Midlands League.

It’s been great to be part of an event of this scale, and it certainly makes you appreciate the efforts put on behind the scenes by other clubs and by staff at British Orienteering. We are privileged to be part of a sport in which there’s always room to learn, and where age is no barrier in participation, as borne out by our competitors, who ranged from 8 to 88!

Planner Ranald Macdonald, Derwent Valley Orienteers, comments:

Scheduling the British Middles in the first half of September is always going to limit the areas a club like DVO can use because the undergrowth is at its worst. However, we do have a couple of upland areas that are more suitable. The first we looked at was deemed unsuitable for the level of event and we have subsequently had significant access issues with that area. We had only used Chinley Churn a few times since its initial mapping in 2015 and, whilst it also has limitations, it seemed worthy of consideration.

The area comprises tiered quarry workings and steep scree/boulder fields on the eastern side, marshy moorland on the top and then fields sloping down to the west and the assembly area on Piece Farm. The area is divided up by uncrossable walls and fences meaning that we had to construct eight stiles to provide reasonable straight line routes or to avoid stiles on public rights of way that could be busy on an early autumn Sunday as it’s a very popular walking area.

I had never planned a championship/level A event before and was really only third or fourth choice as other potential planners were too busy in their work or were injured. The whole exercise was therefore a very steep learning curve for me, though greatly assisted by the ever-patient Chris Burden (AIRE), my Controller.

The Finish was largely determined by the area chosen for Assembly and car parking. It provided a good arena with visible final controls across the skyline and downhill to the Finish.

Finally, some thank yous:

  • To Sal and her assistant, Viv, for a very well organised event
  • To the DVO teams who once again rallied round in large numbers to ensure the event ran smoothly
  • To Chris Burden for his help, advice and support when needed – I learned a lot about planning and controlling from Chris
  • To Paul Addison and Dave Chaffey for their help in various ways, not least control hanging and waking up, and supporting Stuart Swalwell when dealing with the injured competitor
  • To the small army of stile installers on the Friday before the event, helped by the farmer who transported six of them to the top of the area
  • To Mike Godfree for administering entries and map printing and constructed the stiles as well as managing the Download team.
  • To Richard Parkin, for his excellent map and forbearance when we asked for even more map changes
  • To Andy Yeates (WCH), BOF Major Events Consultant, for his support and advice on all aspects of the event.
  • And of course, to the landowners, Henry and Jason Hallam for allowing us to park at Piece Farm and run on their land, Judge George Needham and George and Steven Wainright for letting us use their land as our temporary stadium. Without their help we could not compete. Jason Hallam, in particular, couldn’t do enough to help and he and his wife, Beth, seemed to be delighted to be asked to do the Prize Giving, along with Amanda Roberts, EMOA Chair.
  • And finally to you, the competitors, all 877 of you, who made the effort over the last two years all worthwhile, not least with your positive and constructive comments.

Photo credits:  Steve Rush (BOK)

Final results can be found here.

Results, as well as WinSplits and Routegadget, are here.


Event officials
Organiser: Sal Chaffey assisted by Viv Macdonald, both DVO
Planner: Ranald Macdonald assisted by Dave Chaffey, both DVO
Controller: Chris Burden, Aire
Mapper: Richard Parkin, DVO

British Orienteering would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the Organiser Sal Chaffey and all event officials, to Derwent Valley Orienteers and surrounding clubs for all their hard work and behind the scenes activities in making this a great British Middle Championships.

Tweet Tuesday 11th June 2019

Swedes Dominate at World Cup 1

This weekend saw the start of the international competitive season with IOF World Cup 1 taking place in Finland. The city of Helsinki and organizing club Helsingin Suunnistajat together with Finnish Orienteering Federation hosted the competition which concluded today with the Mixed Sprint Relay. 

Whilst the stifling heat caused significant problems for all athletes and teams, the terrain and planning offered some interesting technical challenges in the forest on days 1 and 2. The middle and chasing start format saw the leaders, both Swedes out on their own, but for many of the runners there was a good chance of running in a group. 

Tove Alexandersson (SWE) and Gustav Bergman (SWE) won both Saturday’s Middle distance and Sunday’s Long distance. There were some strong performances from British Athletes with top 30 positions for both Ralph Street, 24th, and Megan Carter-Davies, 29th, in the Middle distance.  

Ralph said “It is always exciting to finally get the racing season underway. I was pleased to deliver a stable technical performance, but I was disappointed to have not dealt with the high temperatures in a satisfactory way” 

Megan said “I’ve been training around Helsinki several times with my club here and the forests are gorgeous, so I was really excited for this World Cup round. I made a few too many mistakes to be happy with my races but it’s good to see where this landed me in the results and how I can improve over summer. I’m really looking forward to the next international races now! Many thanks to Ed, Mark and Alice for supporting us out here.” 

Megan on the run in photo courtesy of Paul Street 

The Long proved challenging for all, after a restless night due to the heat, with Cat Taylor finishing top of the British women in 33rd and Will Gardner for the men in 43rd.  

Will said “My main focus for the weekend was to cope mentally with the process of the World Cup, having come unstuck under the pressure I have put on myself in the past. I was a little frustrated in the end with the middle, as a few scrappy controls cost me a top-40. The chase was a lot better though, and to pull through nearly 20 places and show that I have the strength and fitness to compete at this level was a great sign. It was a great weekend; lovely terrain and the team atmosphere is fantastic at the moment.” 

Full results from the weekend can be found below: 





Monday was a rest day with most of the team returning home with just one Mixed Sprint Relay team entered for the final race Tuesday.  

The team, of Jo Shepherd, Sasha Chepelin, Will Gardner and Megan Carter-Davies, was a new line up for the British Team but they performed well. Jo led the team out in 24th, Sasha then gained a few spots with some quick splits up to 20th, Will then continued his strong weekend gaining another place to 19th and setting Megan off on the final leg with something to chase. Megan had some fantastic split times with three fastest and a second fastest to bring the team home in 13th.  

Peter Bray ran the second leg as part of an international team that finished 20th overall. The Swedish team took the win to complete the full house of race wins for the weekend.

Full results from the Mixed Sprint Relay are here

The team was supported by Ed Nicholas, Senior Squad Manager, Mark Saunders and Alice Bedwell. Our sincere thanks to them for volunteering their time to support the senior team. 

The next key date for the senior international calendar is the WOC test races on 7th and 8th July ahead of final selection for WOC. However, many of the team will be heading back to Finland this weekend to represent their Scandinavian clubs in the Jukola relays.