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Tweet Tuesday 16th July 2019

Did you know that there are permanent orienteering courses across the UK?

Permanent Orienteering Courses are a great way to get outside and go orienteering at a time and place that suits you. 

Courses offer a huge range of variety, from urban courses in city centres to rural routes through beautiful scenery. They are on your doorstep or further afield helping you to discover new places.  Whether it's a walk with the family, exploring the area whilst on holiday or simply just adding variety to a training run, Permanent Orienteering Courses can help you explore. 

You can find a course local to you – here.

Are you interested in orienteering, but don’t know enough about the sport?
This set of Frequently Asked Questions will help you find out more.

Tweet Monday 15th July 2019

10 reasons – Xplorer can help you reach your target audience

  • Perfect for encouraging families to become more active and support them to becoming a stronger family unit.
  • Improve mental health – taking part can help improve low income families mood, help tackle obesity and other health problems.
  • Gives the ability to connect in a new way with any audience you are trying to engage with – at no cost to them – as sessions are FREE to them!
  • Help in engaging with Black, Asian, and Ethnic Minority Communities – with again offering FREE sessions to them!
  • Support people with disabilities or special needs to get outdoors….encouraging fresh air, ……
  • There is no entry level – anyone can take part and it’s FREE.
  • Provides an opportunity for Grandparents to enjoy active quality time with their grandchildren
  • The Xplorer challenge can be easily changed to meet the needs of participants
  • Extends your reach into the local community
  • Introduces , develops and embeds the skill of navigation

For a one off £1,000 investment – meet your targets and organisational outcomes!

For more information please contact:  Howard Blackman on 07768 334207 or email:  

Tweet Sunday 14th July 2019

World Orienteering Championship 2019 British Team Announced

We are pleased to announce the final selection for the 2019 World Orienteering Championships in Østfold, Norway taking place between 12th and 17th August 2019.

The British team has 3 places in the Middle qualification, 2 in the Long race and 2 teams, one men's and one women's, in the Forest Relay. Selections have been made based on races named in the selection policy and athlete availability.

Find out more about the World Orienteering Championships 2019 at and sign up now to to watch the team live at the championships.

WOC2019 in Norway

Middle Distance Qualifications

Tuesday 13th August
Knatterudfjellet, Sarpsborg

Men Women
Peter Hodkinson Megan Carter-Davies
Matt Speake Jo Shepherd
Ralph Street Cat Taylor

Long Distance

Wednesday 14th August
Mørk, Spydeberg

Men Women
Graham Gristwood Jo Shepherd
Hector Haines Charlotte Watson

Forest Relay

Saturday 17th August
Mørk, Spydeberg

Men Women
Peter Hodkinson Cat Taylor
Ralph Street Charlotte Watson
Graham Gristwood Megan Carter Davies

Congratulations to all those selected and good luck in the upcoming championships.

Tweet Friday 12th July 2019

JWOC 2019 Relays. Women win GOLD 🥇 and the boys finish 6th!

The Junior World Orienteering Championships finished on a massive high for the British team as both Men’s and Women’s first teams took their place on the podium in Denmark.  

The men’s relay started first at 10 am up the hill to what would prove a tricky and highly gaffled course. Freddie Caracas and Finlay Todd lead the men’s team out respectively, with some dodgy radio controls there were some nerves in the arena early but both Freddie and Finlay came back with the leading pack, 6th and 11th respectively. 

Freddie handed over to Eddie Narbett who continued his strong week to finish the second leg as 6th nation in 7th overall on the tail of Norway 2 and Finland 1. Peter Molloy made a small mistake dropping the second team to 24th at the handover. 

By this point, everyone’s eyes were following the GPS of Alastair Thomas who was ahead of the Finnish athlete in 6th at the spectator control with about 7 minutes to go. The commentators, who have been brilliant all week, announced that Alastair was ‘doing a mistake’ so all British fingers crossed and hoped that Ali could hold it together. The West Cumberland orienteer was strong as always took the ‘Dredge-line’ straight up the hill and burnt off the Finn to finish on the podium in 6th

Zac Hudd had a strong final leg for the second team bringing the team home as the 8th second team a fantastic result for a young team.  

Grace joined on the run in by Fiona and Megan

Meanwhile, in the women’s race, EYOC 2018 Gold medallist,  Megan Keith was leading out the big hope of the British teams with two JWOC medallists from this week on the second and third leg. Eilidh Campbell was on first leg for the second team, her first time leading out a relay.  

Megan Keith at just 17 in her first JWOC delivered what many people are calling the run of the week for a British team who have had so much success. Keeping a calm head and using her fabulous speed Megan handed over to, Middle distance silver medallist, Fiona Bunn in 4th! MAROC orienteer, Eilidh, came back 17th overall and the 6thsecond team. 

Over the finish line and World Champions
Women's team are in there somewhere!

Fiona Bunn burst away from the handover determined to hunt down those in front. Indeed by the first radio control the CUOC runner the commentators announced that Fiona was in the lead. By this time the British crowd were getting very excited at the possibility of a medal but no one dared mention the g-word. Out of the spectator control, Fiona lost a bit of time to the Russian team featuring Veronica Kalinina on the final leg. Once again the speed of the British athletes helped reel in the opposition giving Forth Valley Orienteer Grace Molloy just a minutes deficit as she set about the task of hauling in the Russian mind set on Gold. 

The British crowd were now starting to whisper about the possibility of gold and nervously watched the GPS track of the double JWOC Bronze medal winner. It was an agonising first 10 minutes as it appeared that the Russian, Gold medal winner in the Long this week, would hold off Grace. However, after the second radio control, Grace started to cut into the minute lead and with some committed route choices took the lead just ahead of the spectator control. The final few minutes were a nervous wait for all in the arena with the British team having gained a fair few supporters from other nations. At the final control, Grace punched 14 seconds ahead and was joined by Megan and Fiona for the run in, finishing with a forward roll over the finish line to put the icing on the cake of the best British week at the Junior World Championships ever!  

Podium for Eddie Narbett, Alastair Thomas and Freddie Carcas
Gold for Megan Keith, Fiona Bun and Grace Molloy

The second women’s team performed well with Niamh Hunter and Laura King converting Eilidh’s strong start into the 6th placed second team and 18th overall! 

The medal ceremonies featured a real mix of nations which will please the IOF but the biggest smiles are reserved for the British team, the best men’s relay result in 25 years followed by the first British Gold at the Junior World Orienteering Championships. Congratulations to all the team and a massive thank you to all those who have helped and supported them to get to this level. 

Many congratulations!

Full results can be found here

Gold Medal Winners and World ChampionsMegan Keith, Grace Molloy and Fiona Bunn