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Tweet Thursday 10th September 2020

Review of Return to Orienteering Guidance (England)

Following the review of the Return to Orienteering guidance in England by the Board of British Orienteering on Tuesday 1st September, please find the link to the full document.

The key changes are:

  • If allocated start times are used, a maximum of two starters per minute is permitted from each start location.
  • If start windows are used (rather than allocated start times), a maximum of one starter per minute is permitted from each start location.
  • There is no limit to the number of separate start locations that may be used at an event.

Subject to a further review of the implementation of these revised guidelines, British Orienteering will aim to move in future revisions towards a higher start rate of up to four starters per minute from each start location, with allocated start times.

British Orienteering would welcome further feedback from clubs about their experience of operating within the current COVID-19 guidelines, and about any challenges they have encountered in obtaining permissions from landowners or local authorities.

The Board plans a further review of the guidance in October, subject to any further changes in the government guidance.

To view the current guidance visit:

Tweet Thursday 17th September 2020

Calling all Teachers, Outdoor Centres, Group and Youth Leaders!

British Orienteering has today launched a new eLearning ‘Introduction to Orienteering’ course for all teachers, outdoor centre staff, group and youth leaders across the UK.

To help celebrate this new initiative British Orienteering are offering this course at a discounted launch price of just £20 for a limited time only.

Orienteering is an outdoor physical activity that can be delivered safely in schools, can be delivered COVID-secure, and develop a young person’s confidence and the ability to make decisions.

Introducing Orienteering is a new initiative and has been designed to be the first step on the leadership pathway and aims to equip teachers and outdoor leaders with the knowledge and confidence to introduce Orienteering within their setting.

‘Introduction to Orienteering’ 

Howard Blackman Business Development Officer at British Orienteering, says:
“This course is aimed at Teachers, Outdoor Centre Staff, Youth Leaders and Uniformed Group Leaders to support them in understanding what Orienteering is, and how to introduce activity sessions in a fun and exciting way to young people.

This eLearning course is brand new and has been developed with a clear focus on young people developing key skills through interactive and fun activity sessions. The course will take approximately an hour to complete. Everyone who completes the course will receive an official British Orienteering Introduction to Orienteering certificate, ten group learning activities and seven supporting resources to use immediately after the training in their group activity sessions.”

The course will also enable the learner to gain access to practical information about orienteering in schools and how to access British Orienteering’s mapped and virtual orienteering courses for their group activities and details of accessible sources of funding.

Please note:  This course will increase to £30 per learner on the 1 November 2020.

What are you waiting for? To access the course, click here to set up your login for our eLearning platform, then select the course from the menu.

Tweet Thursday 17th September 2020

Resumption of Orienteering - Coaching Guidance for England

Complementing the Full Club Guidance, British Orienteering have today released a Coaching Guidance document for England.

This guidance has been produced in line with the current Government restrictions, and the subsequent Government guidance on gatherings, public spaces, and outdoor activities, the phased return of outdoor sport and recreation and for providers of out of school settings published on the website

These Guidelines will be updated in line with any Government guidance changes. British Orienteering recommends that coaches check the official position on a regular basis to stay abreast of the latest recommendations.

The Coaching Guidance for England can be found here -

Coaching Guidance for England
Tweet Monday 9th March 2020

#11. IWD 2020: West Anglian Orienteering Club and Woman and Girls

Report by Tim Herod, England Development Officer

Woman and girls have recently been taking the opportunity to take part in a series of Park O events run by West Anglian Orienteering Club (WAOC).

These orienteering events aim to encourage families to come and have a taste of their first orienteering session.  The club are delighted that they have gone down particular well with mums and their children. This has been due to the promotion of the events in both schools and on websites which have a large woman following. The sessions were also promoted in publications offering activities for families in the school holidays. The club have seen nearly 50% attendance by woman and girls at these sessions which is higher than the normal split at orienteering events.

The club are looking to now build on this initial work with orienteering follow up activities with all those who attended. The club intends to run over nine more sessions over 2020 offering a monthly opportunity for taking part in Park O.  They are also providing follow up training sessions and other events specificially for woman and girls who want to join their club.

Find out more about West Anglian Orienteering Club's Park O Events here. 

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As part of Women's International Day today why not find out more about the sport of Orienteering? 

Discover and Go Orienteering.  There are many ways to get involved.

  • Orienteering events and activities
    There are a number of events taking place across the UK over this weekend – find an event here.
    There are also a wide range of orienteering activities taking place across the weekend – find an activity here.  If you know which event or activity you are going to, you can always contact the Event Organiser who will happily answer any questions you might still have.
  • Find your nearest local club
    Many local orienteering clubs run regular coaching sessions, often at mid-week ‘club nights’, or on weekends.  If you want to talk about how you can experience orienteering or how you can get involved, click here to find your local club.
  • Are you currently studying at University?
    There are also University Orienteering Clubs across the UK. Find out more about universities here or access the list of University Orienteering Clubs here.

It's a big day for inspiration and change.

Are you interested in orienteering, but don’t know enough about the sport?
This set of Frequently Asked Questions will help you find out more.

Above photos:  Source British Orienteering

Photo credits: Rob Lines (Southdowns Orienteers)

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