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Tweet Tuesday 23rd February 2021

COVID-Secure Orienteering Update 22 February 2021

The Government published its roadmap on 22 February for the gradual and staged easing of lockdown restrictions in England. Restrictions will be eased across all areas of England at the same time.

British Orienteering welcomes the key message that from 29 March, formally organised outdoor sports – for adults and under 18s - can restart and will not be subject to the gathering limits, but should be compliant with guidance issued by national governing bodies.

British Orienteering will issue a further update once further Government guidance for sport has become available. In the meantime, you can visit our COVID-19 Safe Orienteering webpage for further information.

Tweet Monday 15th February 2021

British Orienteering 2020 Awards - Nominations open! Who do you think deserves national recognition for their efforts in 2020?

Nominations are now open for the 2020 Volunteer, Club, Coach and Mapping Awards!

2020 was a very different year for all. British Orienteering are extremely proud of how the orienteering community has responded to the challenges and excited to celebrate those who stepped up, thought outside the box and got creative during this period.

Nominations are open until Sunday 7 March 2021.

Anyone can submit a nomination, so if someone in your club or community has had a positive impact on your orienteering experience this year, we would like to hear about it!

Nomination forms can be downloaded using the links below and should be submitted electronically to by the closing date.

Awards will be presented for the following categories. 

Who are you going to nominate?

More detailed information about each award is available from the Volunteer Awards or Mapping Awards pages.

* Traditionally, the three cartographic mapping awards (Chichester, Silva, and Walsh Trophies) would be awarded for maps first used in competition during 2020. The Coronavirus pandemic has severely limited the number of events held in 2020 and expected to be held in 2021. Consequently, the Map Advisory Group, have agreed not to make awards in those categories for 2020 but to invite nominations in early 2022 for maps first used in the two years between 1 January 2020 and 31 December 2021.

Tweet Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Last Few Safeguarding Workshop Places Left

Time is running out for any licensed coaches to secure a funded place on the Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshops.

Six workshops have already taken place, four by UK Coaching and two by sportscotland, with very positive reviews. 127 coaches have so far signed up for the UK Coaching course and after additional courses were added, only 16 places remain.

Funded places are only available until the end of March 2021 and after that time, coaches will need to fund their own tutor-led course to remain licensed.

In England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, for active coaches to remained licensed from 1 June 2021, depending on who they coach, they will need to complete the following requirements.

  • Young people - It is a requirement to have tutor-led training to be a licensed coach.
  • Adults - It is required to complete an appropriate on-line safeguarding module.
  • Adults at risk – It is strongly advised that they attend an on-line self-led adult safeguarding training.

The training should be updated every three years. After three years, following an initial tutor-led course, the refresher can be an online module.

Tutor-led training – for coaches training young people

Due to the current restrictions and the difficulties in accessing tutor-led workshops, British Orienteering has secured a number of Orienteer only, online Safeguarding & Protecting Children tutor-led workshops.

The workshops, delivered by UK Coaching, usually cost £30 per person.  However British Orienteering will be covering the cost for those attending this course before the end of March 2021. Each course is restricted to 12 people and lasts for 2 ½ hours.

Who can register?  A licensed coach (including those whose first aid qualification that has lapsed since March 2020) or currently doing a coach qualification.

To register please follow this link:  Safeguarding and Protecting Children Registration.
Select your preferred and second choice dates for the workshop. Places will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis and places will be confirmed via an email from Peter Brooke.

Online Safeguarding Module

Should coaches only work with adults, you will need to complete an appropriate on-line safeguarding module. There are a number of courses available including the Safeguarding Adults course delivered by UK Coaching costing £16.99 per person or other self-led online workshops delivered by the NSPCC which can be claimed back via British Orienteering on submission of the certificate and receipt. Those with access to the Educare platform, will also be able to take the course on this system until 19 March 2021.

British Orienteering will only cover those courses delivered before the end of March 2021 on submission of a certificate of attendance and expenses claim.

Limited places available
Tweet Wednesday 2nd September 2020

Review of Return to Orienteering Guidance (England)

Last night, Tuesday 1st September, the Board of British Orienteering reviewed the Return to Orienteering Guidance for England and agreed changes which will be effective immediately.

The focus of the review was on the rate of starters at events. The Board considered a number of options.

Consideration was given to the following factors:

  • Current government guidance in England
  • The risk of transmission of coronavirus associated with holding events
  • Reputational risk, including the perception of the sport by landowners, local and national authorities, and the general public
  • Feedback from the 13 English clubs which have organised events under the current guidelines, some of which have suggested that British Orienteering could consider relaxing the start rate guidelines to reflect lessons learnt from these events and to allow larger competitions to be planned and delivered
  • The challenges that some clubs have reported in obtaining permissions from landowners and local authorities
  • Early feedback from the survey of clubs

Taking into account these factors, the Board have agreed to revise the start rate guidance as follows:

  • If allocated start times are used, a maximum of two starters per minute is permitted from each start location.
  • If start windows are used (rather than allocated start times), a maximum of one starter per minute is permitted from each start location.
  • There is no limit to the number of separate start locations that may be used at an event.

Subject to a further review of the implementation of these revised guidelines, British Orienteering will aim to move in future revisions towards a higher start rate of up to four starters per minute from each start location, with allocated start times.

British Orienteering would welcome further feedback from clubs about their experience of operating within the current COVID-19 guidelines, and about any challenges they have encountered in obtaining permissions from landowners or local authorities.

Fully updated guidance documents incorporating these changes will be issued shortly.

The Board asks that clubs carefully consider the above factors when organising events.

The Board plans a further review of the guidance in October, subject to any further changes in the government guidance.

To view the current guidance visit: