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Tweet Monday 14th June 2021

A tribute to Chris James

Following the sad but peaceful passing away of Chris James on Tuesday 8 June, at home in Ross-on-Wye, aged 81.

Please find a tribute to Chris and his contribution to the sport of orienteering.

The tribute can be found here

Tweet Tuesday 15th June 2021

Badaguish Summer Camp: Selection Announcement

Athletes invited to the 2021 Badaguish Summer Camp have been announced.

Many congratulations to the following M/W15 athletes who have been invited to the 2021 Badaguish Summer Camps, scheduled to take place between 24 - 31 July 2021.

Male 15’s

Female 15’s

Finlay Anderson

James Hammond

Sam Hunt

Angus Laird

Freddie Lake

Reuben Lawson

Jake O'Donnell

Reuben Razetti

Conrad Reuber


Jess Bailey

Jocie Hilton

Hannah Mather

Cate Matthew

Daisy Rennie

Maggie Soulsby

Rose Taylor

Amelia Thompson

Amelia Wing

Head Coach for Talent, Paul Murgatroyd, said of the selections,
“With the changing focus of the Badaguish summer camp, following the recent Talent & Performance review, I am pleased to see the following group of M/W15’s being offered the opportunity for an educational experience in one of the best quality orienteering areas in the UK. There are still a number of challenges ahead in making the camp run as we would like, given the continuing uncertainty over the post-pandemic ‘roadmap’, but we remain hopeful that we will be able to provide a face-to-face learning experience for this developing group of young orienteers and make up for the lack of camp opportunities that affected everyone last summer.”

Tweet Tuesday 15th June 2021

Latest Government Guidance (England)

The government’s roadmap to cautiously ease lockdown restrictions in England consists of four steps, and the third step came into play on Monday 17 May.

The government has confirmed on 14 June that a delay to the move to Step 4 of the roadmap out of lockdown in England. The move, which was planned to take place from 21 June, has been delayed by four weeks. As a result, the Step 3 regulations will continue to apply.

Tweet Wednesday 2nd September 2020

Review of Return to Orienteering Guidance (England)

Last night, Tuesday 1st September, the Board of British Orienteering reviewed the Return to Orienteering Guidance for England and agreed changes which will be effective immediately.

The focus of the review was on the rate of starters at events. The Board considered a number of options.

Consideration was given to the following factors:

  • Current government guidance in England
  • The risk of transmission of coronavirus associated with holding events
  • Reputational risk, including the perception of the sport by landowners, local and national authorities, and the general public
  • Feedback from the 13 English clubs which have organised events under the current guidelines, some of which have suggested that British Orienteering could consider relaxing the start rate guidelines to reflect lessons learnt from these events and to allow larger competitions to be planned and delivered
  • The challenges that some clubs have reported in obtaining permissions from landowners and local authorities
  • Early feedback from the survey of clubs

Taking into account these factors, the Board have agreed to revise the start rate guidance as follows:

  • If allocated start times are used, a maximum of two starters per minute is permitted from each start location.
  • If start windows are used (rather than allocated start times), a maximum of one starter per minute is permitted from each start location.
  • There is no limit to the number of separate start locations that may be used at an event.

Subject to a further review of the implementation of these revised guidelines, British Orienteering will aim to move in future revisions towards a higher start rate of up to four starters per minute from each start location, with allocated start times.

British Orienteering would welcome further feedback from clubs about their experience of operating within the current COVID-19 guidelines, and about any challenges they have encountered in obtaining permissions from landowners or local authorities.

Fully updated guidance documents incorporating these changes will be issued shortly.

The Board asks that clubs carefully consider the above factors when organising events.

The Board plans a further review of the guidance in October, subject to any further changes in the government guidance.

To view the current guidance visit: