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Recruitment - British Orienteering Performance Manager

British Orienteering have an unparalleled opportunity to lead and shape our Performance Pathway Programme towards the World Championships in 2024 and beyond.

We are on a mission to secure sustained success and make our mark on the global stage. This isn't just about competition; it's about transcending boundaries, defying expectations, and showcasing the very best of our collective talents.

As the leader of this programme, you will lead and co-ordinate the immense potential and will inspire and unite all those involved in the programme including athletes, parents, support staff and volunteers. Your Leadership will provide the opportunity for our athletes to fulfil their potential and reach new heights.

So, are you ready to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

For further information regarding the post please see here.

Join us as we embark on this extraordinary journey towards the World Championships in 2024.

Closing Date for applications is 10 March 2024

Performance Manager
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GB Talent Squad athletes attend training camp in Gower

This Talent camp brought together all three squads (North, South & Scotland) – some 60 juniors – for race simulation training and took place from the 14–18 February. In this blog, Richard Tiley gives an overview of what the camp entailed. 

This year, the camp was based in South Wales masterminded by Mark Saunders & Alice Bedwell of Talent South.

We were able to increase the “race feel” of the camp by having the SOA tracker units with us, so that parents & friends could follow the progress of the juniors around the Middle & Long races.

We started with the Middle race at Oxwich Burrows. In common with many parts of the UK, South Wales has experienced an extremely wet winter which has resulted in many of the flat depressions having filled with water, adding to the route choices. The weather started out ok but by the time of the first starts, around 11am, then the rain had set in and was to become increasingly hard for the next 12 hours.

On Thursday afternoon, we drove into Swansea for a sprint race planned by Ben Mitchell around the Marina complex.

Friday morning the rain had stopped and we moved inland for a Long race at Margam Forest. Again we were able to use the trackers to follow the juniors tackling some challenging route choice legs set by planner Marcus Pinker.

By Saturday morning, the drizzle started again as the juniors took part in 2nd/3rd leg relay practice on Broughton Burrows. The afternoon was spent drying out before a Night race on neighbouring Whitford Burrows in driving rain. The flat areas were really quite deep with water (reports of chest high crossings) and this coach was relieved when everyone was safely ticked back in.

Finally on Sunday morning we made an early departure for Kenfig Burrows where the juniors took part in First leg relay mass start practice in the early morning mist.

Thanks as always for the support from parents & coaches who attended this camp and to SBOC for allowing us to use their areas/maps  and arranging permissions. Special mention must go to Alice Bedwell, Karen French, Eunice Carter, Adam Nagy-Kovacs and Judy Bell who shopped & catered for our group of around 75 people over 4 days.

Image credits: Kirsten Strain, Finn Diguid, Scot JSOS team

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JK 2024 announcement: Biathlon Orienteering will take place at this year's competition!

We are pleased to announce that orienteers attending this year's JK festival will seen the return (and chance to participate!) in Biathlon Orienteering. 

What is Biathlon Orienteering?

Biathlon Orienteering is a combination of orienteering and rifle shooting. 

How it works

You begin with an orienteering course then come to the range, get your breathing and heart rate under control, and take 5 shots - with penalties of running loops or time if you miss. Next it's time for another orienteering loop before you return to the range and shoot a further 5 shots. The same type of rifle is used, where five targets at a distance of 50 meters should be hit. 

Some smaller competitions will use air rifles or electronic/laser rifles. Targets are, in simple terms, the size of a golf ball for prone, a tennis ball for standing.

The rifle is not carried in a harness on the back but is placed in a rifle rack at the shooting range and is picked following an orienteering loop. Shooting accuracy is important as time penalties are quite severe. They are:

Classic distance: two minutes time penalty for each missed target

Sprint, mass start and relay: one penalty loop for each missed target.

Biathlon Orienteering at JK 2024

There will be a demonstration of the sport on days 1-3 at JK 2024 by one of our colleagues from the Swedish Multisport Federation.

It will be a simplified set up with laser rifles and a small course/penalty loop, so that as many of you as possible - juniors and seniors - can have a go. Most importantly, there will be no charge for this, so do come and try and have a go!

Some of you may recall that we did this in 2018 and it was very popular, we very much hope for the same this year! 

Biathlon Orienteering will be located in the Assembly field on Days 2 and 3 and nearby assembly on Day 1.

Anyone who want to know more please feel free to contact Bob Dredge at:

A fuller explanation of the sport is available here: Information on Biathlon Orienteering.

Biathlon Orienteering - your new challenge at JK 2024


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Virtual Coaching Conference starts this weekend

The 2021 Virtual Coaching Conference commences this Saturday and showcases a variety of sessions to support coaches across the UK throughout January.

Sessions will be delivered live across both Zoom and Go To Webinar and hosted by Scottish Orienteering Association and British Orienteering Federation.

Each session is highlighted below and the agenda is also available via PDF download. 

In addition to these sessions, there will also be communication out to all coaches regarding online Safeguarding sessions. The session will depend which part of the UK you live in, with details announced in January. 

Saturday 9th January  10:30 - 12:30

Presented by Zoe Harding

Introduction to S&C

‘A practical session, exploring some of the key concepts of strength & conditioning. Followed by introducing some exercises suitable for club activities. Dress for action, a mat or towel is also recommended.’


Register Here The session will be delivered via Zoom.

Saturday 9th January

14:00 – 17:00

Presented by Iain Embrey

Remote Terrain Safety workshop

This cpd module enables Level 2 (or old Lv3) coaches to operate in type D areas.  It is also good cpd for coaches of all experiences and levels to revisit and refresh our practice around safety, risk mitigation, and dynamic risk management.

Attendance is also particularly welcome from any Level 2+ Coach or former Level 3+ Coach who may wish to deliver this workshop in the future. Please state this interest when you sign-up. We may run tutor training at a later date.

(If a coach attends this workshop and subsequently attains Level 2 Coach, then they will be able to practice in type D areas thereafter, provided of course that the necessary first-aid qualification is in place.)

Register Here The session will be delivered via Zoom

Monday 11th January

19:30 - 20:30

Presented by Paul Murgatroyd & Mark Nixon

Keynote - Systematic Orienteering


Register here Delivered through Go To Webinar

Thursday 14th January

19:30 - 20:30

Presented by Helen O’Donoghue

Coaching and Covid – assessments and precautions

Different home nation governments/associated sports bodies have addressed requirements for continuation of sporting activities during the coronavirus pandemic in different ways. 

The starting point for this talk and discussion is the required approach to orienteering coaching in Scotland, where orienteering clubs must appoint a Covid officer and produce a Covid risk assessment for each activity. 

Holding Zoom discussions on how to comply with the requirements and how to deliver safe coaching sessions has been useful in SOA and participants are invited to join in the discussions this evening so that experiences can be shared widely.

Expected duration: 60 minutes but it could be 90 minutes if there is plenty of discussion.

Register here The session will be delivered via Zoom

Monday 18th January

19:30 - 20:30

Presented by Tim O’Donoghue

Safety for coaches – a presentation of the SOA CPD package for coaches

Event safety training is required for Organisers and Planners (& Controllers) and many coaches are safety trained through their event roles.  But not all coaches have taken on event roles when they are first trained and yet they organise and plan coaching sessions.  This training is for people in this group and for anyone else looking for refresher training on safety in coaching sessions.  It addresses risk assessment (including dynamic risk assessment), area dependent hazards, the hierarchy of precautions, emergency plans and reporting.

Expected duration: 60 minutes

Register Here The session will be delivered via Zoom

Tuesday 19th January

19:30 - 20:30


Junior squad coaching practices and experiences.

Presented by Angela Darley, Carol Lovegrove (SEOA).

Register here Delivered through Go To Webinar

Thursday 21st January

19:30 - 20:30

Chaired by Sarah Dunn, with contributions from Helen Errington, Suzanne Robins-Bird and David Robertson.


Additional Support Needs in Orienteering Coaching

Orienteering appeals to many youngsters with Additional Support Needs, notably those on the autistic spectrum, with the technical and individual nature of the sport being a particular attraction. It can offer massive developmental benefits, including confidence building and self-reliance, as well as being fun. As coaches, how can we ensure that we are meeting the needs of such youngsters and that they are gaining maximum benefit from the sport, particularly when coaching in a mixed group setting? The objective of this workshop is to share experiences of working with youngsters with ASN and to map out some simple tips for other coaches to assimilate.

The focus of the workshop will be on learning difficulties and disabilities rather than any form of physical disability. Several coaches have been invited to outline some of their personal experiences of working with youngsters with ASN. We will then break out into groups to discuss this and give other participants an opportunity to share their experiences before feeding back to the full group. Workshop participants should be prepared to informally contribute ideas and experiences for discussion.

Register Here The session will be delivered via Zoom

Tuesday 26th January

19:30 - 20:30

Led by Natalie Weir

Using Virtual Platforms for coaching

A discussion on the ways virtual apps such as MapRun, Routegadget other virtual platforms has and could be used for coaching.


Register here Delivered through Go To Webinar

Thursday 28th January 

19:30 - 20:30

Presented by Paul Taylor SYO

Simulating Sweden

We can’t always get to top quality terrain. So how do we bring Sweden (or Scotland) to our local wood? This practical session will present an exercise designed for YHOA juniors and give participants a chance to share their own ideas on physical simulation of elite orienteering experiences.


Register here Delivered through Go To Webinar


Tutor training workshop

Details to follow.

Conference starts this Saturday 9th January