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Tweet Thursday 15th April 2021

Thriving Clubs for a New Generation: introducing British Orienteering’s new strategy

Thriving Clubs for a New Generation are at the heart of the new British Orienteering Strategy to strengthen the sport in this country. It will allow us to engage with a new generation via a thriving club network.

British Orienteering believes that if we change perceptions about orienteering, improve accessibility and deliver engaging fun experiences, more people will become hooked on the sport.

Once engaged, clear pathways to progress in competitor or volunteering will enable people to enjoy the sport for life.

The four focus areas of the Strategic Plan are:

  • Change the perception.
  • Create engaging experiences.
  • Strengthen lifelong pathways.
  • Provide foundations for success.

Thriving Clubs for a New Generation” will be formally launched at the AGM on Wednesday, 21 April 2021 and we will be consulting further with the membership and key stakeholders.

Read the Full Strategy here

Call to Action

British Orienteering is keen to hear from you as we turn Thriving Clubs for a New Generation into reality.

  • How can this strategy benefit your club, new and existing orienteers in your local area?
  • What ideas do you have to support the news strategic priorities?
  • What is working well for you that we could share?
  • Would you be interested to be involved in a focus group?

All views are valued and we will factor them into our thinking as we take our sport and the plan forward.

Please click here to fill out the survey and help us to collect as many views as possible or send your comments to


Tweet Tuesday 13th April 2021

British Orienteering Roadmap (England)

British Orienteering’s Roadmap for returning to orienteering in England can be found here.

British Orienteering fully understand that clubs need direction and clear guidance from the board at each step, particularly about the restriction on start rates. The Roadmap will help the clubs understand the intention and hopefully assist clubs to plan for larger events. A fully updated operational guidance on orienteering at Step 2 will follow shortly.

In addition to the above-planned changes, we fully understand that for some clubs the biggest challenge will still be access/permissions. Sport England has been working with other bodies responsible for public health to encourage collaboration between local leaders and sports providers to facilitate a safe return to play - this includes the Local Government Association and Public Health England.

The statement can be found here which may be a useful document as a reminder if you are having any local difficulties with the relevant authorities.

British Orienteering Roadmap (England)
Tweet Friday 16th April 2021

Free Live Mapping Webinars - Part 1: All set for Tuesday 20 April, 7.30pm.

If you want to whet your appetite for all things orienteering mapping, ask questions to our experienced mappers or indeed help us share knowledge then please do join us and register for these free live webinars. All attendees will also be sent follow up useful resources, guidance and documents to help them continue to learn following the introductions provided in these sessions.

Mapping Webinar – Part 1:

Tuesday 20 April 2021, starts 19:30 - 20:45.

For beginner mappers, would be mappers or those just looking to understand a bit more about how our maps are made, why not join us for a 2 part webinar series introducing some on the concepts and principles of Orienteering Mapping. Packed with experienced presenters, knowledgeable panellists and outlining some of the basics to mapping please find more information and the booking links below.

Aimed at beginner mappers and those interested in learning about mapping we will bring you some background basics to orienteering mapping including what makes a good orienteering map, symbol key and mapping specs and how to understand the differences between mappable features which can be regarded as fixed (e.g. roads, buildings and anything visible to satellite imagery) and the more subjective aspects (e.g. vegetation and complex land forms).

A practical demonstration of the methodology of updating/improving an existing map will also be provided.

Martin Bagness (WAROC) will join us to present content and we will also be joined by other experienced mapper panellists including
Rod Postlethwaite (WRE), Terry Smith (SOC) and David Olivant (NOC) ready and waiting to answer any questions so if you would like to learn more or get a feel for some of the concepts involved in mapping then this is the webinar for you.

This definitely sounds like a webinar not to be missed.  

British Orienteering look forward to welcoming as many people as possible to learn and discuss key mapping skills. 

Interested?  Register here.  


Mapping Webinar – Part 2: An introduction to surveying and creating base maps

Tuesday 4 May 2021, starting at 19:30 - 20:45. 

This again informative and free webinar will provide introductions to setting up a map, from selecting the area to generating a base map as well as the basics of contours and georeferencing.  

The main content of this session will be introducing the various products and packages available for you for creating base maps.  For example Ben Mitchell (SBOC) will bring us an introduction to OCAD and Martin Hore (SUFFOC) will give us an overview of creating base maps using Open Orienteering Mapper / LiDAR and other sources.

John Moody (Kerno) and Simon Starkey (LEI) who have experience in using QGIS, a freeware geographical information system will also join us to provide some helpful examples of how this tool is useful for example for contour information, vegetation and small features.

Georeferencing older maps so they can be used for virtual orienteering as well as creation of georeferenced photos using SASPlanet examples will also be provided.

To find out more and book your place on this second part of our mapping webinar series, please register here.

Have you registered yet? 

British Orienteering looks forward to receiving your registerations for both of these webinars and to seeing you there!

Tweet Friday 5th March 2021

British Championships 2021 Update

Report by Helen Errington and Andy Yeates

British Championships 2021

Planning and hosting Major Events such as the various British Championships in the current climate is very difficult, however all the teams involved with these events are still working hard to try and stage their event in 2021. All dates for 2021 are provisional and we have discussed possible dates as to when each team will make a decision as to whether the events can go ahead under COVID restrictions that may be in place across the home nations at the planned time of the event. The purpose of this provisional advance information is to allow those who are seeking to take part in a British Championships the opportunity to try and plan their diary and training schedule accordingly.

The British Middle Championships have moved to the 5th June on Summerhouse Knott due to the restrictions that will still be in place in May. The Northern Champs have moved with the Middles and will take place on 6th June on High Dam.

The British Sprint Relay Championships & British Sprint Championships has had permission removed for June and has been rescheduled for 21st and 22nd August. This will be in Skelmersdale.

British Long Championships are currently being planned for the 2nd October 2021.These are hoped to be in the South West at Braunton Burrows. A decision has already been made to cancel the British Relay event but there are plans for a second individual event on Sunday 3rd October in the same area.

British Night Championships - the organisers of the British Night Championships are planning on holding the night Champs on Saturday 27th Nov, near Cheltenham, BOK are hoping to stage an event the next day, nearby to Coleford, to make it a weekend of orienteering in the South West.