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The European Orienteering Championships saw exciting races in the Middle, Long and Forest Relays at the weekend

Over the weekend, the final events of the European Orienteering Championships took place in Estonia.

On Saturday, the Middle Final took place where GB had one male and four female athletes in the final and once again all athletes had their ability to fight their way through the dense Estonia forest, east of Rakvere tested. The terrain was tricky and caused many time losses among the runners and heavy rain pouring down during the race did not help the athletes visibility.

After a near flawless race Simona Aebersold (SUI) won her first individual championship winning with a big margin, with Kassiku finishing second- her greatest international result so far and Venla Harju taking third place.

The British team were led home by Grace Molloy who just finished in the top 20 (20th position), followed by Megan Carter-Davies in 39th and Fiona Bunn in 56th place.

In the men’s it was a clean sweep by the Swedish team with Albin Ridefelt taking the win and Anton Johansson in second, and in third place Gustav Bergman finishing 37 seconds behind Ridefelt.

GB Ralph Street was the only individual representing GB in the final and a great race to finish just outside the top 10 in 13th position.

In the B Final GB Sasha Chepelin took the win, followed by Joshua Dudley in 4th place, Ben Mitchell in 7th, Peter Taylor-Bray 38th and Peter Molloy 55th.

In the women’s B Final, GB Rachel Brown was first home in 14th, Jo Shepherd in 17th, Cecilie Andersen in 21st, and Chloe Potter 36th.

The European Orienteering Championships finished with the Forest Relays and after thrilling races in the Middle and Long events, the Forest Relays were no exception. After the heavy rain yesterday, the sun was shining as the forty-one teams lined up for the women’s race. In the men’s there were fifty-two teams and the leading teams were making mistakes. Eventually, the races concluded with the Swedish women taking gold and the Norwegian team winning gold in the men’s race.

The GB Relay team of Grace Molloy, Fiona Bunn, and Megan Carter-Davies finished in 18th position (10th Nation) with the second team finishing in 29th. In the Men’s Relays, the teams came 34th and 36th.

Find out more about this international event here.

GB Grace Molloy competing in the Middle 
GB Fiona Bunn
GB Ralph Street
GB Grace Molloy digs deep coming into the Finish

Photo credits:  Aldis-Toome (EOC 2022)


The next international event will see the Great Britain team competing again.

GB Peter Molloy, Cecilie Andersen, Fiona Bunn, Rachel Brown, and Chloe Potter travel to Switzerland to compete in the World University Championships starting on the 12 of August.


British Orienteering would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best with your final preparations.

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All the action so far from the European Orienteering Championships forest competition in Põlula, Estonia

Wednesday saw the start of the European Orienteering Championships 2022, with around 300 athletes chasing the medals with the Middle-Distance qualifier opening the competition in the forests around Põlula, North-eastern Estonia.

Returning to the forest disciplines after a heavy sprint focus for the first half of 2022 and also it is the first European Orienteering Championships  forest competition since the 2018 Championships

Both men and women were divided into three qualification heats, where top 20 in each heat qualified for the Middle-distance finals on Saturday.

As expected, the vast majority of the favourites managed to qualify for the finals, with Andrine Benjaminsen (NOR), Marika Teini (FIN), and Simona Aebersold (SUI) winning their respective heat in the women’s qualification. Miika Kirmula (FIN), Gustav Bergman (SWE) and Tomas Krivda (CZE) took the wins in the men’s qualification.

For Great Britain, we saw Ralph Street run a great qualification race to finish 5th and qualify for the Men’s final and Grace Molloy (9th), Megan Carter-Davies (13th) and Fiona Bunn (15th) all qualifying into the Women’s final.

Yesterday afternoon (Thursday 4 August), the European Orienteering Championships saw a tough long-distance unfolding with Venla Harju (FIN) and Martin Regborn (SWE) being crowned as champions.

The race was run in low visibility in some parts and on tricky terrain, with many of the athletes unable to claim the perfect race. Unfortunately, Ralph Street was having a great race and looking strong for a top 20 finish, but unfortunately, mis punched at the drinks control.

In the women’s Megan was the highest placed athlete in 30th position.

Ralph Street in the Long distance.


Middle Qualification - GB Results

Joshua Dudley


Megan Carter- Davies


Sasha Chepelin


Cecilie Andersen


Ben Mitchell


Rachel Brown


Peter Molloy


Grace Molloy


Ralph Street


Chloe Potter


Peter Taylor-Bray


Fiona Bunn




Jo Shepherd



Long Distance - GB Results 

Peter Taylor-Bray


Megan Carter-Davies


Ben Mitchell


Grace Molloy


Joshua Dudley


Fiona Bunn


Joe Woodley


Cecile Andersen


Sasha Chepelin


Jo Shepherd


Ralph Street


Chloe Potter



GB Peter Molloy 
GB Fiona Bunn

Today (Friday) sees a rest day before the Middle Final on Saturday (6th August) and the Forest Relay on Sunday (7th August).

Photo credit: Tanel Meos (EOC 2022)

Follow all the action over the weekend from the European Orienteering Championships in Estonia.

Saturday 6 August:  Middle Final - here.

Sunday 7 August: Relay - here.

The European Orienteering Championships 2022 website can be found here.


British Orienteering would like to take this opportunity to wish all the GB athletes over in Estonia all the very best for the remaining days at this competition.

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Finding your Feet in Orienteering - hear from a mother-daughter pair who are reasonably new to the world of Orienteering

Report by Juls Hanvey, Sporting Clubs Coordinator (Northern Ireland)


Starting anything new in life can be daunting but as the old saying goes “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”.

We chatted to Lesley and Chloe Grattan, a mother-daughter pair who are reasonably new to the world of Orienteering. We wanted to find out what motivated them to get involved and, more importantly, stay involved!

The duo has recently moved to Scotland to continue their Orienteering journey with another club so we thought now would be a great time to celebrate their time with us through this chat. They both have some important wisdom to share.

When did you first learn about Orienteering?

"I had been orienteering with Lagan Valley Orienteers (LVO) many years ago as part of my Duke of Edinburgh Award with the late Colin Henderson who helped demystify the sport and gave my friend and I plenty of help with the ‘strange' orienteering maps. We didn’t stay on after leaving school, but (many!) years later when my daughter Chloe said she wanted to start running to help with fitness, orienteering came to mind. I’m one of those people that finds pounding the footpaths very boring! I would much rather be out in the countryside, and most importantly, have some distraction to take my mind off the running!"

Where and when was your first event?

"Just at that time, LVO had a series of weekly score events running in the local parks around Belfast - perfect for us to try out. The first few events the two of us went round together, trying to figure out the map and the symbols - a bit daunting at first (I had forgotten all of it since school days!), but you learn a little more each time and it really isn’t long before you feel comfortable with the maps. Chloe has gone from complete novice to managing to complete Technical Difficulty 5 courses in 2 years."

What was it that made you keep coming back for more?

"Orienteering is perfect (so I think!) - you get exercise without really noticing it and you get to be out in the forests/mountains/parks. It combines physical, mental, and skill elements and there is always a challenge - no matter how often you do it, there is always something to improve. It’s a great buzz whenever you manage to execute your plan well and the control kite appears just where you expect it to be! Of course, this level of perfection can be fleeting, and sometimes it takes a lot of work to locate a control! You get to see some great places off the beaten track, and when you’re there the orienteering routes can take you quite literally off the beaten tracks into areas you wouldn’t normally see. There is a great variety of locations in NI from the stunning limestone karst country in Fermanagh to the sweeping views from the Mournes (on a good day!), from local parks to intricate urban landscapes. Orienteering is one of the few sports that all ages and abilities can take part in together and so both of us have made friends with people of all different ages in the club. People like to hang around after their run to share their stories of how it went and what awful mistakes they made. I realised very quickly that even the experienced orienteers were not immune from mistakes! It’s a good chance to get to meet people and ask for advice."

You are now involved in volunteering at events too, how have you found that?

"It is obvious that it takes a lot of people to stage an event and so we were happy to help out. Helping to man the starts is quite easy and it’s a good way to put names to faces when you’ve just joined the club. Chloe felt that the volunteering helped you feel part of things and meant you understood events a bit better."

Mum, Lesley says...

Lesley enjoying orienteering

Daughter, Chloe says...

Chloe enjoying orienteering at the same event

If you could give one piece of advice to someone considering giving Orienteering a go, what would it be?

Lesley’s advice is:
"Definitely give it a go!! There are so many ways to participate in the sport that you will find a way that works for you. Running fast or walking… complex navigation or straightforward routes… alone or as a family group… super-competitive or laid back… or anything in between! It’s whatever works for you."







Chloe’s advice is:
It can be hard sometimes, but you get outside and get to make new friends. It’s a good idea to go to a training session where you get useful tips and meet others in the club. In between events you can try the permanent courses or MapRun courses which you can do by yourself. They help you to get used to the maps.

We have really enjoyed our two years with LVO and will be sad to leave such a friendly and welcoming group of people. Chloe has really benefited from Stephanie’s coaching and encouragement over the 2 years. We are going to join a Scottish orienteering club and hopefully, we will bump into some LVO folks at orienteering events in the future.

Lagan Valley Orienteers Chair, Ric Gamble comments:  "It has been great having Lesley and Chloe as part of Lagan Valley Orienteers and I am so glad they settled into the club so quickly. It has been great to see them develop new skills and get stuck in with volunteering. We are sad to see them go and all of us at LVO wish them the very best with their move to Scotland. I am sure they will settle into a new club just as quickly as they did with us and have even more adventures. We look forward to seeing them again soon, competing against us, in the hills, forests or streets of Scotland or Ireland. We are already looking ahead to the World Orienteering Championships in Edinburgh!"

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British Relay Championships 2021

Men's Premier and Women's Premier Relays: British Championships 2021

We are pleased to confirm that in the absence of a full British Relay Championship being staged for 2021, we have agreed with Forth Valley Orienteers (FVO) that their existing open relay event in the Stirling area on Saturday 13th November will be used to contest the Men's Premier and Women's Premier classes.

We are grateful to FVO for their help in making it possible for us to award these two titles for 2021. Further details including entry information will be issued to club captains soon, and will also be available at