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Just announced: WOC 2024 to be broadcasted live on TV channel Eurovision Sport!

In an extremely exciting development, the IOF have today announced that the World Orienteering Championships 2024, which is taking place from 12-16 July 2024 in Edinburgh, will be broadcast live via in France, Germany and the UK.  

The news comes as the International Orienteering Federation, IOF, has entered a partnership with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the world’s leading alliance for public service media. 

This means that even if you are unable to attend the event as a spectator or participant in the WOC Tour 2024, you will be able to follow and support Team GB by watching all the live action for free! All you need to do is sign up to access the coverage.  

Follow the action together as a club! 

 Get involved in the spirit of WOC 2024 from wherever you are based by setting up a WOC 2024 watch party for your club members! It’s a great opportunity to see Team GB in action as the events unfold and support the national team as they embark on the competition.  

Can’t wait until WOC 2024? Highlights from other International Competitions starts this weekend. 

 That’s right, from 25 May you will be able to catch all the highlights from the Orienteering World Cup Round 1 in Switzerland! Watch the event live via IOF TV.  

You will be able to watch back on how our athletes navigated the course around the ‘railway central’ of Switzerland – Olten. Here is the full upcoming programme of orienteering events that will be broadcast: 

2024 International Orienteering Programme 

May 25-26 
Orienteering World Cup Round 1, Switzerland – highlights only 

June 1-2 
Orienteering World Cup Round 2, Italy – highlights only 

July 12-16 
World Orienteering Championships, Scotland – live broadcast 

August 17-20 
European Orienteering Championships, World Cup Round 3, Hungary – highlights only 

September 26-29, Finland 
Orienteering World Cup Round 4, Finland – highlights only 

For full details, please read the IOF's press release. 

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World Cup Round 1 is Team GB and watch via IOF live!

The International Orienteering season is finally upon us! This week the selected athletes for Team GB will travel to Switzerland for World Cup Round 1. Here is a reminder of who will be representing the squad and how you can watch the competition online. 

Event programme

Friday 24 May: KO Qualification

Start times are yet to be confirmed but it is likely the Men's teams will commence the race at 2pm and the Women at 2:50pm. All times CEST (UTC +2)

Representing Team GB are:

  • Ralph Street
  • Jonny Crickmore
  • Freddie Carcas
  • Nathan Lawson
  • Peter Hodkinson
  • Will Gardner


  • Megan Carter-Davies
  • Grace Molloy
  • Charlotte Ward
  • Fiona Bunn
  • Cecilie Andersen
  • Rachel Brown

Saturday 25 May: KO Sprint Final

Sunday 26 May: Individual Sprint- First Start 12:03

  • Ralph Street
  • Jonny Crickmore
  • Freddie Carcas
  • Nathan Lawson
  • Peter Hodkinson
  • Will Gardner


  • Megan Carter-Davies
  • Grace Molloy
  • Charlotte Ward
  • Fiona Bunn
  • Cecilie Andersen
  • Rachel Brown
  • Mairi Eades

Good luck to each and every one of our athletes, we are very excited for the start of the international season and cannot wait to see all that it brings!

How to catch the action

Visit the IOF's website to learn more about how you can catch all the action from the event. Or, simply follow this link to IOF TV to choose which package you wish to purchase. 

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Recruitment of Chairs of Rules Group and Officials Group

Are you passionate about our sport and want to contribute to the way competitions are officiated and delivered? This is a fantastic opportunity to influence the development of our competition rules and support our dedicated volunteer officials.

Open Positions:

We are currently seeking two Chairs:

  • Chair of the Rules Group
  • Chair of the Officials Group


Both Groups report to the Events & Competitions Committee, and as Chair, you will (in summary):

  • Lead and coordinate the efforts of your respective group.
  • Work closely with volunteers and stakeholders to ensure the effective implementation and evolution of competition rules and officials' standards.

Why Join Us?

  • Impact: Your contributions will directly affect the delivery and quality of competitions.
  • Collaboration: Work with a team of passionate volunteers dedicated to the sport.
  • Development: Help in the continuous improvement and development of rules and officiating standards.

If you are interested in taking on a leadership role and making a significant impact on our sport, we encourage you to apply for one of these exciting opportunities.

Please see the Job Description for further details.

If you are interested?

Please send an email to Howard Blackman ( stating your interest, a note to explain your motivation and experience.

Expressions of interest should arrive before 28 June 2024



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Journey to the Podium: We’re collaborating with UKAD for this year’s Clean Sport Week, 13 – 17 May

British Orienteering is proud to reaffirm our commitment to clean sport
by backing UK Anti-Doping’s (UKAD’s) Clean Sport Week campaign from 13 - 17 May.

Clean Sport Week is UKAD’s national awareness week championing clean sport,
education and anti-doping initiatives with sports across the UK.

This year’s Clean Sport Week theme is “Journey to the Podium”. Throughout the
week, UKAD will be showcasing the importance of the clean sport journey through the
lens of athletes and the elite sport community. Anti-doping should be a key part of
every athlete and support personnel’s journey – it should never be an afterthought.

Clean sport is an essential part of our athletes’ journeys to the podium / in professional
sport. It takes a lifetime of work, commitment and a network of support to help athletes
perform at the very top. This effort can be taken away in a moment by doping.
Creating a culture of clean sport is essential for the health and welfare of our athletes
and the integrity of Orienteering.

We all have a responsibility to keep sport clean, to raise awareness of anti-doping and
to celebrate the successes of athletes - through hard work, determination and by
competing clean.

We encourage anyone in our sporting community that would like to learn more about
anti-doping to sign up to UKAD’s Clean Sport Hub where there are free education
courses for athletes, students, coaches and practitioners.

Follow @ukantidoping on social media to see a range of educational and exciting
content throughout the week. To find out more about UKAD’s Clean Sport Week
initiative click here.

For anyone who works in sport, don’t miss UKAD’s Clean Sport Week event on
Tuesday 14 March, taking place on the Loughborough University campus. The event
will focus on the para-athlete’s journey to the podium. You can register your interest in
attending here.

Clean Sport Week