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Tweet Tuesday 26th March 2019

Communications webinar – what you asked us

Thursday 14th March saw the second of this year’s webinars take place and discussed the subject of communications from the club looking at social media v traditional methods.

Delivered by Juls Hanvey and Peter Brooke of British Orienteering and with content written by Mike Shires from Thames Valley Orienteering Club, the session gave an insight into the effective promotion of events and how best to use the opportunities available to maximise your club events reach.

The session was a great success with 70 registering to view the session. Throughout the webinar, there were many excellent contributions and questions coming in which not only were great to discuss on the night but would also be good reminders for many orienteers.

We’ve picked a selection of the questions asked which may help other members now and in the future.

Do you have this market segmentation data that was highlighted, available for us to use?

We discussed six key segments most relevant to orienteering (Ben, Chloe, Tim, Helena, Alison & Philip). This helps to focus on marketing and promotion by explaining the best ways to reach them and what messages to use.

To view all 19 different segments, visit;


We have 2 Facebook accounts - one for public access and one for members only. What's the "dangers" of allowing the free-for-all approach LVO seem to have. Do you need to mediate a lot?

There is some mediation needed to observe what is posted but the key message is making sure your members are aware of the purpose of each account. For example, a public access account is free for anyone to view and should be the main link for promoting events and welcoming non-members. You want to avoid very technical questions and comments from members that may be unhappy about a recent event on the open page as this wouldn’t show your club or orienteering in a good light. Subjects and discussions should be general and factual. For the closed account, members can use this for more technical questions, seeking advice and holding honest discussions that they don’t mind other members viewing. This will still need a level of mediation but having a set of club guidelines would be beneficial.

With the way Facebook now works, we would recommend having a single club page but creating a closed group associated with that page for member discussions. This has a number of benefits including the fact that you make sure everyone finds the right page on Facebook for your club as well as reducing administration. A closed group is hidden from those who aren’t members and you can restrict membership to the group as necessary.


Do all other Orienteering clubs have volunteers doing their promotions?

Yes, most clubs event promotion will all be done by volunteers within each club. There are though opportunities to get a team of people together to help share the workload and utilise everyone’s different skills. It’s also about putting the right processes in place. For example, having a list of local authority sports development contacts and social media activity/days out/sports groups addresses for each area you run events in, will make promotion each time easier. Once sent the information, they will do a lot of the promotion for you. You will need to ensure that your Facebook event page and website details are kept up to date.

The watch the next two live webinars or watch the first two when they are repeated register on the links below;


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Thursday 28th March


Coaching newcomers

Tuesday 26th March


Planning Focus – from 28th February

Tuesday 9th April


Communication social media v traditional methods – from 14th March

Thursday 25th April


Attracting and retaining juniors


Tweet Friday 22nd March 2019

The Final Closing Date for JK2019 Entries is this weekend!

Plans are now well advanced for the JK weekend. Course planning was finalised some time ago, and maps will be sent to the printers in the next few days. Organisers are currently working hard on sorting out the remaining organisational details, sorting out manning levels and shifts for helpers, and generally ensuring everything will run smoothly for the weekend.  

We are delighted with the entry numbers, now with over 2,300 for the Middle race, not far short of that for the Long race, and heading towards 2,000 for Friday's Sprint Race. And the TrailO has seen really exceptional numbers - with nearly 150 entries on each of the two days. We are also very pleased to see lots of international entries, from a total of 23 countries, including from as far away as Hong Kong, New Zealand and South Africa.

If you have not entered the JK yet, please do so. We will be delighted to welcome you to the South of England for what we are sure will be a memorable and enjoyable weekend of orienteering.

Entries for individuals close this Sunday, with Relay entries available until Sunday 31st.  Don't miss it.  

Full details at

Entries through

Tweet Friday 22nd March 2019

Year of the Volunteer Funding: Calling All English Orienteering Clubs!

£250 Match Finding Available

British Orienteering is pleased to announce that the application process for clubs in England to apply for match funding to support their own volunteer project is open.

In support of British Orienteering’s 'Year of the Volunteer', clubs in England can apply to match their own investment in a volunteer project up to £250. For example, a club project that costs £500 can be split with £250 coming from the club and £250 from British Orienteering. Alternatively, the project may cost over £500 but the maximum that can be applied for from British Orienteering is still £250.

Watch this film and find out more here.

Clubs need to complete the application form outlining which category the funding would be used for and how the club intends to develop/ increase the number of volunteers as a result of it. The funding available is on a match funding basis and the club is expected to match or exceed the funding available from British Orienteering.

Projects can be big or small and cover many different areas including club nights, events, juniors, coaching and recruitment to name a few. To get involved, all clubs need to do is think of a project and download and complete the application form from

We are looking for clubs to try new and innovative ideas to get more people involved in volunteering for orienteering. The only required results are that the project must show an increase of members within the club volunteering and how this will be sustained in the future.

With the benefit of Sport England funding, we can match a club’s own investment up to the value of £250. Unfortunately, this offer is for English based clubs only as the funding is being provided by Sport England. However, we’ll be providing project ideas and news stories from across the network of clubs on the British Orienteering website which will be available for anyone to access.

Find out more: