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World Orienteering Week 2024: showcasing the work of some of our fantastic clubs!

21 May 2024

In celebration of World Orienteering Week 2024, we wanted to share some of our clubs highlights in the past few months, including projects that they have become involved in and what advice they would give to newcomers looking to join their club or the sport in general! Here is what we asked them. 

Quantock Orienteers

We continue to run an ambitious event programme for a small club, and our members are increasingly taking part in regional and national events.

In the past year our Junior Orienteering Group held two series, each of 8 low-key weekly events aimed at juniors, families, and adults looking to improve or to train. Over the last 15 years this programme has introduced many people to orienteering and has resulted in a thriving junior scene that rivals much larger clubs in the region. These informal events are great for adult newcomers too, and we find many prefer these to our larger events.

We attended an annual schools sports fair in April which gave many primary school children a taste of orienteering. Our club's main objective is to encourage families to come to our Junior Orienteering Group. We have found that involving parents is a great way to introduce children to the sport.

We held 6 junior and 6 senior training sessions over the year. These were series of structured activities held separately from our events. We had regular attendees and all sessions were well received. 

To those thinking of joining our club...

Our advice would be to try our low-key local events first, where we can give advice and encourage development in a relaxed setting. Ours is a small friendly club, but we provide a huge range of local events year-round in our local area.

QO website

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orienteering image

Wight Orienteers

We have set up another permanent orienteering course in our area. Maps are free to encourage more people to experience our sport.

The club have trainied teachers to deliver outdoor and adventurous activities, and held the first schools orienteering festival for 35 years on the Isle of Wight.

To those thinking of joining our club...

We are the only orienteering club on the Isle of Wight and we are family friendly.

WIGHTO website

Hertfordshire Orienteering Club

Our key highlights from over the past few months include the HH juniors qualifying for the Yvette Baker Final; and the start of our 2024 Street-O series, attracting runners and other non-orienteers.

We are excitedly preparing to host a series of Find Your Way activities over the summer; currently focusing on mapping, planning and engaging.

As a club, we have responded to schools requests for support and training; running a Youth League where local schools and youth groups can compete as teams.

To those thinking of joining our club...

Pick a local event and give it a go - it's not scary and you will get all the support you need.  HH puts on a large number of newcomer-friendly events (park, wood and street) and will always provide advice and support for newcomers.  Beyond that, we are a thriving, friendly and sociable club with additional training and social activities for its members.

HH website

orienteering image
orienteering image

Moravian Orienteers

Leading the very successful Scottish Six Days in August 2023, based in Moray.  More than 2,500 orienteers enjoyed six days of exciting orienteering. We are now putting in place plans for the Scottish Orienteering Relay Championships in Roseisle Forest on 26th May.

We have successfully used grant funding from the Orienteering Foundation and Scottish Orienteering Association to support a Club Development Officer, who has been running introductory sessions with Youth groups and Schools across Moray. A recent 'Come and Try It event at National Trust for Scotland's Brodie Castle attracted over 200 participants!

We have continued activities with Primary and Secondary schools across Moray, and have started developing a School's league based on local events taking place this summer.

The club holds coaching sessions before most local events, at monthly intervals. These are very successful, and typically attract 15-20 participants, mostly younger orienteers and families.

We are co-ordinating the Northern Urban league this summer, with several town-centre events in June and July in the lead up to WOC24. 

To those thinking of joining our club...

Come and enjoy the physical and mental challenge of orienteering in the delightful forests and local areas in Moray.  

MOR website

Devon Orienteering Club

Our highlights over the past few months start with us having put in place a comprehensive training/coaching series for all levels from April to August. The club has provided five introductory training sessions attended by over 30 newcomers.

We also had over 30 members attend the JK at Cannock Chase with some excellent performances and a great social atmosphere at the club tent in the same event centre over the two days.

Club member, Lucy Walker managed to secure a place for the GB team at the European Orienteering Championships, and we have also worked with the Marines to produce a map of Lympstone Marine Camp, holding a score event for c. 200 trainees. This event was a big success in terms of introducing the sport to newcomers.

We unfortunately haven't had the resources to work with individual schools. Exeter University's Orienteering Club has unfortunately been mothballed with student turnover. Our experience of working with schools has not led to an uptake of new juniors unless parents are keen: Our events are so geographically spread out.  

To those thinking of joining our club...

Orienteering provides an opportunity to master new skills and get to know people across different age groups and backgrounds. Our events are organised across very varied terrain from moorland, coastal dues to forest and heathland with each providing different challenges. 

DEVON website

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orienteering image

Chigwell & Epping Forest Orienteering Club

We've staged a National Event plus a Try Orienteering event in Wanstead Park which attracted 20 participants. The Club has held several training events for members. 

To those thinking of joining our club...

We are a small friendly club for NE London and SW Essex. Come and find out more about us!

CHIG website


Swansea Bay Orienteering Club

Community Family Fun and Coaching Days, the launch of our Saturday Perk-O series incorporating the new Swansea Schools League and the introduction of monthly Coaching and Training Sessions for club members of all ages.

We have worked with Swansea Council, University of Wales Trinity St David and Pobl Housing to put on a number of Free Fun Days in a variety of locations across the city, introducing Biathl-O (Orienteering and Archery), The Quest - a treasure hunt score event, Challenge and Family Coaching Days to get people engaged in the sport and out into their local green spaces.

We are in the third year of a four year project to bring orienteering to every Primary and Secondary school in Swansea. This includes getting the school grounds mapped, delivering an introduction session and providing coaching for teachers so they can confidently continue to deliver orienteering sessions.  We have incorporated a Schools League into out Saturday Park-O events, adapting the format to give pupils a chance to transition from orienteering around school grounds to local parks, without it being too big a leap. The Park-O series provide an ideal opportunity for parents to join in too, making it a whole family experience.

We have introduced pre-event training at our Sunday Winter League events, and created Coaching And Training Sessions (C.A.T.S.) for all club members to attend - free of charge. These sessions are also open to non-club members for a small charge.

Many of our members will not be able to attend WOC, so we are setting up an Alternative WOC-end, with a Turf event on the Friday followed by a social where we hope to watch footage of the WOC Sprint, a club Parkrun Strava Challenge on Saturday morning, our Saturday Park-O on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday there will be The Griffin Run - Rhediad y Adar Llwch Gwin a 60-120 min Score event on the Gower using MapRun, followed by a social gathering where we will eat cake, drink tea and watch the Sprint Relays.

To those thinking of joining our club...

Orienteering truly is a sport for all, no one gets left on the sidelines, everyone is welcome.  Swansea Bay is a welcoming, friendly club who put on events and activities to make the sport as fun and accessible as possible - Go Solo, Go Together - Run Walk, Wheel - Go for the Win, go for Fun - With Swansea Bay OC YOU Choose.

SBOC website

orienteering image
orienteering image

Southdowns Orienteers

Our highlight from over the past couple of months has been the Sunny Sussex Weekend 2024: A weekend of orienteering in the South Downs National Park, located between Chichester and Arundel. A high energy middle distance race at Eartham, an evening sprint race at Chichester Uni and Oaklands Park and a long distance national event at the newly mapped Houghton forest.

Southdowns Orienteers have worked with several scouting groups over the last year and delivered very successful training sessions. We also provided opportunities for scouts to take part at regular club events.

When it comes to coaching initiatives, we hold coaching sessions before regular club events. These sessions are split into coaching for primary school children and 1-2-1 coaching for older juniors, newcomers and any club members.

To those thinking of joining our club...

Whatever you do, talk to us before you head into the woods. Despite appearances, we’ve all stood at the start for the first time and so know just how intimidating dibbers and maps and compasses and controls and control descriptions can be. It’s not easy. It’s not meant to be easy. But once you get the hang of it, it’s just the best fun in the world! And I can honestly say that SO is one of the friendliest clubs in the country. 

To new members, I would emphasise the joy of running through green woodlands - especially when the sun is shining. The pleasure of careful map-reading, leading to successful completion of a course is also very rewarding.

SO website

Harlequins Orienteering Club

Hosting the West Midlands Relays; running an O-course and maze for some of Shropshire's Primary schools; indoor-O in a soft play area - the most challenging course per metre ever! In the past year year some of our juniors have taken part in West Midlands Junior Squad activities which is a great initiative to support junior orienteering. 

We've been a part of the Shropshire schools O-activity days, and the Birmingham Community Games. T Shropshire schools activities were organised via an umbrella group.

To those thinking of joining our club...

Challenge yourself but don't forget the course closing time!

HOC website

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orienteering image
orienteering image


The key highlights are the busy championship season which is building into final preparations for WOC 2024.

We have connections with some local schools but are looking the improve this using a Club Development officer who will be tasked with improving and increasing these connections. Club members are encouraged to attend coaching courses which are run by SOA for Scottish clubs.

We are involved with the Orienteering Edinburgh project with SOA and are in the process of appointing a club development officer to take this initiative in to the Post WOC 2024 phase. 

To those thinking of joining our club...

We advise newcomers to come along and try the sport and to choose which club to join after several events so that they can identify a club that suits them. This comes from the challenge of having two clubs covering Edinburgh with no geograhic split. They mangae to copy with this in their football teams so I am sure they can manage.

INT website

Guildford Orienteers

Our highlights were the Southern Champs in February, and having the opportunity to organise a small range of training activities since then. In cooperation with Mole Valley Orienteering Club, we hold coaching training activities every month or two.

To those thinking of joining our club...

Visit our website to learn more. 

GO website

Thinking of trying orienteering for the first time? Visit the GO Orienteering site to search for permanent and virtual orienteering opportunities, or use the event finder to find local events near you. Ready to join your local club? Use the online club finder to find the nearest club to you.