British Orienteering

EYOC 2024 – Good luck to Team GB!

18 June 2024

Athletes selected to represent Team GB will be heading to Szczecin in Poland this week, to compete in the European Youth Orienteering Championships 2024.

This year's competition is located in Szczecin, Poland. Athletes will compete across varying terrains from compact urban developments with some significant elevation gains, to thick forest.


There has been one change to the team travelling to EYOC 2024 since our previous announcement. Laurence Ward will be joining the team in the place of Oliver Prince who is recovering from an injury. Below you will find the athletes who are representing Team GB

EYOC Men M18EYOC Women W18
James HammondRuth Gooch
Daniel HeppellHeather High
Thomas RollinsJocie Hilton
Laurence WardFreya Tryner
James Hammond
Imogen Pieters
Orienteering Image
Thomas Rollins

Images above: James Hammond, Imogen Pieters, Ruth Gooch and Thomas Rollins.

EYOC Men M16EYOC Women W16
Finn Selmer DuguidEmily Atkinson
Finlay McLuckieElla Baxter
Oscar PeelKatie Buckley
Marcus PerryScarlett Kelly
Finn Selmer Duguid
Scarlett Kelly
Finlay McLuckie

Images above: Finn Selmer Duguid, Scarlett Kelly and Finlay McLuckie.

Event programme

Teams will begin to arrive before or on Friday 21 June. The event programme for the remainder of the weekend is as follows:

Saturday 22 June - Long Distance Race

First starts will commence from 09:30 (CEST)

Sunday 23 June - Sprint Race

Starts from 15:00 (CEST)

Monday 24 June - Relay Race

Start times:

10:00 (CEST) - Start M18
10:05 (CEST) - Start W18
10:10 (CEST) - Start M16
10:15 (CEST) - Start W16


We want to wish our team the very best of luck at the event, and hope that it is an enjoyable and successful competition.