British Orienteering

British Orienteering support the Big League 2024

2 July 2024

British Orienteering were again excited to support The Outdoor Classroom’s, Big League after it’s successful inauguration in 2023!

What's it all about?

The Big League is a free competition aiming to take learning out of the classroom and into the great outdoors through the medium of interactive orienteering courses. Using orienteering maps of the school, pupils tackle curriculum lessons, completing tasks and answering questions at controls designated by the teacher.

In 2024, pupils orienteered for a total of over 13 days, with almost 1000 pupils (and km covered!) in the competition. The pupils and teachers involved also have direct signposted links to the British Orienteering website and how and where to get involved further with local events and clubs! The winning schools will receive a signed GB jersey from the squad at the recent World Cup and have also received a congratulatory video message from GB athlete, Peter Molloy.

Orienteering Image

Big League said: "Generously sponsored by The British Schools Orienteering Association and our partners at British Orienteering, The Big League has once again proven to be a fantastic initiative. Our app, inspired by the sport of Orienteering, offers a versatile platform that encourages schools to engage in a wide range of activities—from Orienteering courses to outdoor Maths and History lessons.

This year, we saw hundreds more children getting up, active and outdoors with their usual curriculum through our system, and we're working hard to bring Outdoor Learning to all children. Our memberships start from zero cost to suit any school budget. You can read more about the success of our member schools in our blog."

Statistics from 2024

  • 110 Schools / 948 pupils took part
  • 853 orienteering courses completed
  • 13d 3h 5m 21s total time spent orienteering
  • 966.93km covered
  • 1050 teachers signed up to receive more orienteering delivery help and activities.

How you get involved

If you're interested in joining The Outdoor Classroom, contact the team at or book a demo call here.