Recognised Centre - FAQs

Is the British Orienteering Recognised Centre accreditation a safety badge?

British Orienteering Recognised Centre is not a safety badge, British Orienteering advisors look at the safety of orienteering delivery as part of a wider objective of supporting centres to deliver a high quality orienteering experience that benefits the centre and visiting groups.

Is this just about the sport of orienteering?

British Orienteering understand the importance of outdoor education and that centres use orienteering as a tool for delivering wider course outcomes. The British Orienteering Recognised Centre scheme has been designed with this in mind focusing on how high quality orienteering delivery can meet course objectives and deliver a fun, fast paced engaging activity that consistently delivers high levels of customer feedback.

Is there an expiry date on British Orienteering Recognised Centre status?

British Orienteering Recognised Centre is a three year accreditation, with a centre visit in year one followed by an annual self-assessment declaration in years 2 & 3. Year 4 requires a new centre visit to continue to develop the orienteering offer in the centre.

What happens if British Orienteering Recognised Centre status is awarded and then rescinded?

If there is reason to withdraw British Orienteering Recognised Centre status, then the name of that organisation will be removed from the website directory and they will no longer have the right to display the British Orienteering Recognised Centre plaque or use the British Orienteering Recognised Centre logo.

How do I change my organisation details, site details or password?

To change any of your details please log on to www.britishorienteering.org.uk using the centre login and password and click on My Account on the left hand menu. Click Edit Details and you will be provided with options to update all details for the account.

If you have forgotten your username or password please click Forgotten Login Details on www.britishorienteering.org.uk and follow the instructions on screen.

Who can apply for British Orienteering Recognised Centre Status?

British Orienteering Recognised Centre status is available to any outdoor education centre delivering orienteering on their own grounds or grounds where the centre has agreed long term access. Schools that provide orienteering only to their own pupils are not eligible to become a British Orienteering Recognised Centre.

My provision doesn’t have a permanent site, are we still eligible to become a British Orienteering Recognised Centre?

At this time British Orienteering Recognised Centre status is only available to sites who have long term access to grounds.

Can I apply for British Orienteering Recognised Centre accreditation for centres abroad?

Centres can apply to become a British Orienteering Recognised Centre from all across the UK. Centres outside of the UK are eligible to apply to become a British Orienteering Recognised Centre however costs will vary dependant on the location. Please contact British Orienteering to discuss your requirements.

How are centres assessed?

British Orienteering Recognised Centre status is assessed against a set of benchmarks through a combination of remote review and centre visit by a British Orienteering advisor.

What are the benchmarks for achieving British Orienteering Recognised Centre status?

British Orienteering Recognised Centre benchmarks cover the following areas:

  • Orienteering Delivery
  • Staff
  • Resources
  • Policies and procedures

A full list of criteria can be downloaded here (download link for benchmarks sheet).

What happens at a centre visit?

Each centre visit is individually tailored to the needs of the centre and an outline visit plan will be agreed with your advisor in advance of the visit. All centre visits will consist of:

  • Observation of orienteering delivery
  • Review of equipment including map, control makers and punching equipment
  • Discussion with orienteering lead for the centre
  • Interaction with other instructors on site
  • Feedback and creation of draft action plan for the centre

How much does British Orienteering Recognised Centre accreditation cost?

Becoming a British Orienteering Recognised Centre costs just £500 for 3 years.

What are the benefits to centres?

Below is a list of benefits of becoming a British Orienteering Recognised Centre;

  • British Orienteering Recognised Centre Logo: Only Recognised Centres can use the Recognised Centre logo promoting your centre as a provider of high quality outdoor learning through orienteering

  • British Orienteering Recognised Centre Plaque: Display a high quality British Orienteering Recognised Centre plaque in your centre. Letting your customers know that your centre is delivering high quality outdoor learning outcomes through orienteering

  • Training Delivery: Generate income through hosting coach and teacher training.

  • Increased Orienteering Business: Regular promotion of your centre to British Orienteering registered schools, clubs and talent squads. A high profile listing on the British Orienteering website

  • Engage with Schools: Advice on how orienteering can link to the national curriculum maximising opportunities for your centre to engage with schools before and after their visit

  • Improve Staff Engagement: Engage and support your staff to deliver a quality orienteering experience

  • Focus Magazine: The British Orienteering magazine, Focus, which includes the junior magazine Ozone (3 copies per year)

  • All this and the full support of British Orienteering, just contact us to tap into our wealth of experience in orienteering.

How is the centre recognised?

Centres are recognised by a high profile listing on the British Orienteering website. The centre is provided with a high quality plaque which can be displayed at the centre and access to the British Orienteering Recognised Centre logo for use online and in publications.

How do I find out more?

The full recognised centre guidance can be downloaded here. If you would like to talk someone in more detail please contact the Recognised Centre Manager Dan Riley.