British Orienteering Clubmark Accreditation Scheme for Clubs

British Orienteering Clubmark Accreditation Scheme for Clubs

About Clubmark

British Orienteering Clubmark is open to all British Orienteering affiliated clubs. The criteria for this standard was updated in 2015 and can be found here.

Clubmark is the universally acknowledge cross sport accrediation scheme for community sports clubs. It is based on criteria which must be supported by specific evidence. Based on four key areas of club development it centres around:

  • Activity/playing programmes - this includes, for example, coaching qualifications requires, insurance and coach to participant ratios
  • Duty of care and welfare - appropriate risk assessments, health and safety poloicies, training, compliance and child protection policies
  • Knowing you club and its community - this ensures that you club is committed to farness and equity in respect of the way in seeks to attact and retain members from your local community
  • Club management - which covers issues to do with club and committee structure and the general running of the organisatuin

Evidence can be gathered in a variety of formats inclusing hard copy (in a fold) or electronically (online/byemail).

Clubs are central to introducing and encouraging people of all ages into ‘mainstream’ orienteering. In many cases clubs provide additional orienteering experiences after a person has been introduced to orienteering through a school or youth organisation.

If your club is interested in working towards Clubmark please contact the National Office by email.  Alternatively use the links below:

As a part of Clubmark the club will be expected to develop and adopt a number of policies, guidelines, ‘job descriptions’ etc; British Orienteering provides examples of these that you will be able to modify. Your club will need to formally adopt these at a committee meeting and make this known to the club membership through your newsletter and/or website.

Other templates are available to assist your club to develop good practice in terms of ‘job descriptions’ for Coaches/Junior Co-ordinator, Codes of Practice, Club rules etc. The templates are there to help clubs with suitable wording and save volunteers’ time however if your club already has job descriptions you will not need to change them.

There will also be a need for the club to demonstrate that it has certain skill sets and knowledge within the club membership; an example of this is awareness training on 'Safeguarding and Protecting Children'. If training is required many Local Authority sports development units run these workshops free or at reduced rates for clubs working towards Clubmark. You will be able to find out about these short workshops, which are valuable as ‘professional development’ for club coaches and other volunteers, from your Local Authority.

If you need any advice or support whilst working towards the Clubmark Standard please email the National Office who will be keen to help your club achieve the Clubmark Standards.

Clubs that have already gained Clubmark accreditation have received recognition for it and are benefiting from achieving the Clubmark Standard. By demonstrating that the club has a good framework in place for developing its work with young people the club is highlighting its excellence to the outside world. Once Clubmark is achieved you will be able to use the logo on your club publicity material; this will help in the marketing of your club to schools, parents and young people in your area. Orienteering is one of over 20 sports which have developed their criteria for the accreditation of clubs for young people.


 Accredited Clubs

 The following English orienteering clubs are Clubmark accredited:

Scottish and Northern Ireland Clubs are accredited by Local Authority Club Accreditation schemes. The local authority is noted next to the club. The following Scottish Clubs have achieved accreditation:


Clubmark Resources

Listed here are links to documents and templates which will help clubs working towards the British Orienteering Clubmark Standard. There are additional resources available on


Clubmark Resources


Activity Programme




Knowing Your Club and Its Community


Club Management