The information below is an overview of the main funding streams which are available within British Orienteering and those external that are specifically for sports organisations to access. The list is by no means exhaustive but intends to cover the main options for obtaining funding.

Orienteering Foundation Funding  

British Orienteering members, clubs and associations can apply to the Orienteering Foundation for funding support.  The Orienteering Foundation is a registered charity number 1118793, run by trustees, and completely independent of British Orienteering.  Please see the Orienteering Foundation website for more details.


Sport England Funding

Information about funding from within Sport England and other sources can be found below:

It is also advisable to contact your local council to see what funding they have available locally. Your Participation Manager will also be able to offer advice on funding streams.  For contact details please click here.


Sport Scotland Funding

Information about funding from within Sport Scotland and other sources can be found below:

The Scottish Orienteering Association's Development Officer, Hilary Quick will also be able to offer advice on funding streams.  Hilary can be contacted via email.


Welsh Sport Council Funding

Information about funding from the Welsh Sport Council can be found here.

The Chair of the Welsh Orienteering Association, Helena Burrows will also be able to offer advice on funding streams.  Helena can be contacted via email.


Northern Ireland Sport Council Funding

Information about funding from the Northern Ireland Sport Council and other sources can be found below:

The Northern Ireland Orienteering Association's Development Officer, Helen Baxter will also be able to offer advice on funding streams.  Helen can be contacted via email.


Other Funding Streams

Sport Relief

A joint initiative between Comic Relief and BBC, the programme aims to support projects which use sport, activities and games to work with young people up to the age of 25 to tackle tensions and division within their local communities. They will fund voluntary organisations and self-help groups throughout parts of the UK. There are two stages to the application process.

Further information on Sports Relief is available.



Through the help of individual donors, corporate partners and other grant-giving trusts, SportsAid is able to work with the National Governing Bodies of Sport to identify young athletes and help them to achieve their sporting potential. The charity directly funds youngsters in British sport through initiatives including events, partnerships and the SportsAid Alumni scheme. Further information can be found at


Skills Active

SkillsActive is the Sector Skills Council for sport and active leisure. It supports the development of skills within the sector and one of its key roles is to identify and communicate funding opportunities, and make quality, subsidised or fully funded training available to all those wishing to further themselves, their volunteering experience or their career aspirations within the sector.

Further information can be found at


The Foundation for Sport and the Arts

The Foundation for Sport and the Arts was established in 1991. We channel money originally donated by The New Football Pools to a wide range of sporting and artistic causes.Since 1991 we have awarded grants worth over £350 million, nearly £500 million at today's values.

Further information can be found at


Cash for Clubs

Grants available for £250 - £1000. Further information at


Barclays Spaces for Sport

Barclays Spaces for Sports is a £30million programme to create sustainable sports facilities in disadvantaged communities across the UK. It is the country’s single biggest investment in grassroots sport by a private company and has won various prestigious awards for its contribution to local communities.

Further information on Barclays Spaces for Sport is available.


J4B Community

The most comprehensive Voluntary and Community Sector grants & funding database in the UK.

Further information on J4B Community is available.

Sporting Equals

Funding information to support sports and physical activity projects for black and minority ethnic communities


Funding Dos and Don'ts

To get you started, here is a list of Dos and Don’ts to consider when applying for small grants.

  • Do ensure you are applying for funding for items, activities or projects that are eligible for that grant, otherwise you may end up wasting your time

  • Do have a specific project in mind when applying for a grant

  • Do identify how you will generate income to continue the project once the initial funding has been used up

  • Do complete a draft copy first - an application form containing mistakes can be difficult to follow and may give a poor impression

  • Do submit the application in time to allow for queries to be resolved prior to any deadline

  • Don’t rule out smaller types of grants – a number of small contributions could enable you to complete your larger project
  • Don’t be unrealistic about the amount of money you are asking for
  • Don’t send your application off without double checking all areas are complete and that you have included all the relevant documentation, in the requested format

  • Don’t submit your application form without getting someone else to read it through first

  • Don’t forget to provide the name of a contact person who is knowledgeable about the project and application, and who can be contacted in normal office hours