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Astley Park VOcs

RegionNorth West
ClubSouth Ribble Orienteering Club
Nearest townChorley
Carpark locationPR71RF

Available Maps

The many attractions at Astley Park include the animal corner, the cafe, the woods, the playing fields, the playground areas, the growing areas and not forgetting the hall itself.

Other Things to do in the Area

Virtual Orienteering Safety Aspects

As with any countryside activity, there are various hazards that you need to be aware of and you need to take action to avoid these to remain safe. These include :

Slippery paths/slopes, especially where steps (wet leaves and perhaps ice), and uneven surfaces including tree roots.

Large crags/cliffs and other rock features. (particularly Williamson Park)

Lakes and ponds – slippery margins.

Prickly vegetation.


Moving vehicles in public car parks and access roads

Members of public, dog walkers, cyclists – please avoid and be courteous to.


Corona Virus

Please remember to stay safe when undertaking any type of orienteering - and to stay within the government's guidelines on social distancing - these courses are provided as an opportunity for us to individually (or in families) enjoy a small bit of our sport again.
We hope that you enjoy the ability to use these maps, but please be mindful of your own health and others', we ask that you will:

heed the current government restrictions for example if you have a pre-existing medical condition
keep yourself safe, but also be aware and keep any members of the general public safe, so handwashing/cleaning is important and do consider this as technical training, not a race - always give people you encounter 2m of space - if you need to divert or stop and wait, please do so
support the government's efforts to manage the infection.

Maps Available From

Maprun Smart phone App

This is a Virtual Orienteering course, where your phone uses gps to register at the start, the controls and the finish. Your phone beeps each time. Then upload your results to see your position on the leader board.


Download the MaprunF app (not the Maprun app) for free

There is now a MaprunG for use with Garmin and certain other watches.


Probably best to download the app and the course to your phone when you have wifi, but it can be done at the venue if you have data.

To use the Maprun app when at home or in the car park, start the MaprunF app

Click 'Events near me' or click 'Select Event' and go to the UK/Lancashire folder to find the courses.



Lancaster, Wyre, Fylde, Ribble Valley

Williamson Park

Lancaster, Wyre, Fylde, Ribble Valley

Beacon Fell

South Ribble, Chorley, Preston

Worden Park



Click the one you want. Click ‘go to Start’ when you are ready. When you get near the start your time begins once your phone beeps.

Enter your name to appear in the results.

Make sure your GPS is on and that you are not in power saving mode.

One final tip - if your phone does not beep at a control but you know you are there, just carry on - you can review your result using the Review Results function (top right menu bars) when you finish.

See here for a quick guide to using MaprunF

If you have any queries or want more information please email me at Development@sroc.org

Further Information

  • White and/or yellow standard controls suitable for beginners
  • Orange and/or light green standard controls suitable for people with some experience