Permanent Orienteering Courses

Permanent Orienteering Courses

British Orienteering is pleased to support the use of virtual (smartphone) and permanent Orienteering courses. The promotion and use of virtual and permanent Orienteering courses relate only to England, Scotland (with restrictions), NI and the Isle of Man, as government Policy and Guidance in Wales currently restricts these activities. For more information on courses, you can do with your smartphone see our Virtual Orienteering page.

Permanent Orienteering Courses are a great way to get out and go orienteering at any time. A wide variety of places including parks, gardens, country estates and woodlands have courses set up with marker posts showing the check points. All you need is the map to help you find your way round. These maps will come with instructions on what to look for and an explanation of the symbols used, so it's worth taking a note of these before you set off. 

The majority of permanent courses are suitable for beginners, usually categorised as white (very easy / up to 2.5km), yellow (easy / 2.6km to 5km) or orange (medium / 5km to 7.5km), but if you want a more difficult course these are available on some areas too.

Covid-19 - Getting a map: At present, many leisure centres and visitor information centres are closed, so when using the search facility for a map, make sure you pick one that you can download and that the venue, including car parks are open. Please note trail-O is a specialised form of orienteering, not to be confused with trail running.

Whether you're looking for a different walk with the family, wanting to discover new places or hidden corners, or adding variety to a training run, Permanent Orienteering Courses have a lot to offer.

Find available courses using the interactive map and filter boxes below.

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Brocks Hill Country Park

RegionEast Midlands
ClubLeicestershire Orienteering Club
Nearest townOadby
PostcodeLE2 5JJ
Carpark locationParklands Leisure Centre

Available Maps

Groups: Speak with the Parklands Leisure Centre staff so they are aware you are coming.

If you bring a group of Beginners, download the "Leader guide..." this will tell you about the practice area just south of the play equipment. You should then download the Star Loop Maps. You may wish to trim and laminate them. One set of maps is sufficient for 10 children. 


June 2016

Summer usage: quite a few of the posts are in the grass/ undergrowth, so it might be difficult to find some.  If you are using old maps, 94 is now shown further north nearer the seat.  48 is very hard to find.






Time (mins)




Beginner, probably shadowed by a parent





A child with some experience





Adult beginner; confident junior


Light Green



Adult or experienced junior





Adult or experienced Junior



The 5 map pack has White/ Yellow/ Orange/ Light green and Score course maps

Other Things to do in the Area

Brocks Hill Country Park website

Maps Available From

Lengths of courses shown are in straight lines between controls, and the estimate of times is for someone running to someone walking. Both will vary depending on your route choice and ability.

Maps by Posts:

If you prefer to have a set of printed "All controls" maps by post you can request 5, 10 or 20 maps sent by post.

Further Information

  • Loops and stars exercises available for groups
  • White and/or yellow standard controls suitable for beginners
  • Orange and/or light green standard controls suitable for people with some experience