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Burbage Common

RegionEast Midlands
ClubLeicestershire Orienteering Club
Nearest townHinckley
PostcodeLE10 3DD
Carpark locationBurbage Common Visitor Centre, Leicester Road

Available Maps

Location Details

Traditional & Smartphone Virtual orienteering 

Safety:  The area is very popular with visitors.

The long courses use a railway tunnel/bridge to get to the southern part, these must be used. There are some ponds and streams. A few bridges across deep streams, but beware some bridges have been removed. 

Score Course: Find as many as you can, with penalties for being late.  This course enables children to practice before going to the British Schools Score Orienteering Championships in October 

Missing plaques: For further information and known issues relating to controls, please see the Leicestershire Orienteering Club website.

Control 13  is on a post to the NE (not where marked on the map) and 16 is 2 meters in from the edge.(September 2020)

Map updated

May 2020





Suitable for

Time (mins)









A child with some experience





Adult beginner confident junior


Light Green



Adult with some experience, very confident junior










Adult or children

Some controls are too hard for beginners


Lengths of courses shown are in straight lines between controls, and the estimate of times are for someone running to someone walking. Both will vary depending on your route choice and ability.

VOC Details

Use the MaprunF app MaprunF app Garmin watch owners may wish to use the sister app MaprunG

Your phone (watch) beeps when you get close to the feature (a virtual control detected by your GPS signal). Upload your results to see your position on the leader board.

We suggest you download a map from here but you can just use the one on your smartphone.

Courses Available
Course Length (km) Controls Suitable for

Expected time


Comments Results
Yellow 2.0 10 Beginners 20-40    
Light Green 3.4 15 Experienced or confident adults 25-60   Light Green
Score c5.0 19 Some controls are too hard for beginners 45 20 points per control lose 10 for each minute or part minute late  

To use the Maprun app when in the car park, start the MaprunF app

Click 'Events near me' or click 'Select Event' and go to the UK/Leicestershire/Burbage folder to find the courses. Click the one you want. Click ‘go to Start’ when you are ready. When you get near the start your time begins once your phone beeps.


OD, the Warwickshire, orienteering club also has some courses on this area in UK/Coventry and Warwickshire/ Summer Series 2020

Other Things to do in the Area

Acorns Cafe 


There are mapsun in Burbage Village.  Why not try these? 

Further Information

  • White and/or yellow standard controls suitable for beginners
  • Orange and/or light green standard controls suitable for people with some experience