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Carnfunnock Country Park

RegionNorthern Ireland
ClubLagan Valley Orienteers
Nearest townLarne
PostcodeBT40 2QG
Carpark locationCarnfunnock Country Park carpark. OSNI Grid Ref: D383068

Available Map

Welcome to ‘Carnfunnock Country Park’ Permanent Orienteering Courses (POCs)

Orienteering is an exciting form of countryside recreation. With the help of a specially produced orienteering map you find your way to various locations, known as control sites, by the route of your choice and at your own pace ie walking, jogging or running.  Each POC consist of a number of control sites which must be visited in the order shown from the starting point ie Visitors Centre, marked by a red triangle on this map.

On the map the location of the control sites are marked with red circles and numbers.  On the ground you will find posts at these locations which are numbered and have a distinctive red and white orienteering symbol.  Besides being numbered, each control post has its own specific letters.            

Description of the orienteering control sites

1  Fence corner  

2  Path junction

3  Track junction

4  Fence corner  

5  Path junction

6  Path bend

7  Fence corner       

8  Path bend

9  Fence corner

10 Well

11 Fence corner                 

12 Path/track junction

13 Path junction

14 Boulder         

15 Path junction

16 Boulder

17 Path junction

18 Ruin east side

19 Crag

20 Gate NW side

21 Boulders

22 Depression

Before starting a course spend some time looking at the map, especially the symbols illustrated at the bottom of the map.  Note. The scale of the map is 1:6000 which means that 1 centimetre on the map represents 60 metres on the ground.

Choose a Course

Then chose your course. (The colours stated of white, orange and light green are part of a national colour scheme which define the length and difficulty of orienteering courses) It is suggested that you draw a line from the triangle to control circle in order and finally from back to the triangle. 

White standard Course (30 min walking): 1.3 km in length. Visit the control sites in this order: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 starting and finishing at the red triangle.  

Orange standard Course (60 min walking): 2.6 km in length.  Visit controls 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 6, 4, 13, 2, and 1 starting and finishing at the red triangle.

Green standard Course (90min walking): 4.2 km in length.  Visit controls 11, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 and 8 starting and finishing at the red triangle.

Additional information on orienteering and POC sites can be accessed on web site www.niorienteering.org.uk  or email publicity@niorienteering.org.uk.

Other Things to do in the Area

The walled garden with its unique sundials and wooden sculptures is open all year round along with a maritime themed outdoor adventure playground, golf driving range, way-marked walks, orienteering course, geocaching, public toilets and picnic sites. Original estate features also remain including the ice house and lime kilns.

From March / April to October there are attractions to suit all ages: a maze in the shape of Northern Ireland, a family fun zone with a miniature railway, bouncy castle, bungee run, remote control boats/trucks, bungee trampolines, WOW balls and 18 hole mini golf course; a children's

Maps Available From

Carnfunnock Country Park, Coast Road, Larne, Co.Antrim, BT40 2QG. Phone In season 028 2827 0541 Out of season 028 2826 0088

Further Information

  • White and/or yellow standard controls suitable for beginners
  • Orange and/or light green standard controls suitable for people with some experience