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RegionEast Anglia
ClubSuffolk Orienteering Club
Nearest townStowmarket
PostcodeIP14 1SZ
Carpark locationStowmarket Rugby Club

Either score points by visiting as many checkpoints as you can within 60 minutes, or time how long it takes to visit all the scattered points on these two urban courses which both start from the Rugby Club. Your timing and checkpoint visits will all be recorded using the free MapRunF app.

For details of these courses, including the exact location of the start and finish and the links to the downloadable maps, see the Chilton 60 Minute Score Course or the Chilton Scatter Course pages on Suffolk Orienteering Club's website.

For more information, especially if you're new to MapRun, check out the rest of Suffolk Orienteering Club’s MapRun section, starting from this page.

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