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High Meadow

RegionSouth West
ClubNorth Gloucestershire Orienteering Club
Nearest townColeford
Carpark locationChristchurch campsite GL16 7NP (or alternative start/finish at Biblins Youth Camp HR9 6DX)

Available Maps

Please note that this course is about to be upgraded (including activating mobile phone orienteering) - watch this space. Until then, it can still be used, but be aware that could be some small problems - e.g. one post is lying on the ground instead of standing up.

The High Meadow woods include part of Symonds Yat, as well as the hillside to the Southwest. There are two possible starts and finishes (one close to Christchurch campsite and one close to Biblins campsite), so pick the one most convenient for you. The Biblins start is at the South end of the suspension bridge over the Wye. The Christchurch start is at the track junction by the Motiva ropes course, 200m down the road from the camp shop.

From here you can download:

  • Map of all the controls.  The Start and Finish are indicated on the map by a red triangle and double circle (and marked S1/F1 for Christchurch or S2/F2 for Biblins). The control positions are indicated on the map with red circles and each has a 2-digit control number. NOTE: If the downloaded map is distorted or poor resolution, email the local club's Permanent Course uploader to be sent the original PDF:
  • The sheet of control descriptions. For each course, this tells you which controls to visit (in the order you should visit them) and tells you what the control is on - e.g. path junction. These are shown as symbols but also as text descriptions, as beginners aren't expected to know the symbols.
  • The sheet of control cards. You can use these to record the 2-character code that you find at the post. You'll know you're at the right one because the number on the post will match the map.

There are 2 sets of 5 courses available, one for each of the two starts/finishes.

Course Description Christchurch Start Biblins Start
A A longer course for experienced orienteers( Brown standard) Course CA: 5.9km, 305m Course BA*: 5.7km, 260m
B A medium length course for experienced orienteers Course CB: 5.4km, 225m Course BB: 5.2km, 240m
C A course for confident beginners (Orange standard) Course CC: 4.1km, 165m Course BC: 4.7km, 175m
D A longer beginner’s course, on tracks and paths (Yellow standard) Course CD: 5.2km, 225m Course BD: 5.0km, 235m
E A shorter beginner’s course, on tracks and paths (Yellow standard) Course CA: 3.3km, 130m Course BE: 3.3km, 185m

Note that all distances in orienteering, and measurements of a climb, are taken in a straight line. You can expect to walk/run somewhat longer distances, depending on your route choices and map reading, but you may be able to avoid some of the uphill bits by careful choice of routes.

*Course BA has 13 controls, as listed on the descriptions for the course, so the 14th spaces on the BA control card should be ignored.

Maps Available From

Christchurch camp shop and Biblins youth camp may have copies of the map available, but it would be best to download from here until we can be sure they do.

Further Information

  • White and/or yellow standard controls suitable for beginners
  • Orange and/or light green standard controls suitable for people with some experience
  • Green colour standard or above controls available for experienced orienteers