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Hinchingbrooke Country Park

RegionEast Anglia
ClubWest Anglian Orienteering Club
Nearest townHinchingbrooke
PostcodePE29 6DB

Available Map

There are 15 control posts each with a number and code. The map includes boxes for you to write the codes down as you find the posts. You may visit as many or a few as you like.

For more details about WAOC events, please visit our website.


Current status (as of 20th June 2020):

  • No plaque at the start/finish
  • All posts are present and markers are readable
  • Markers are on top of posts, not side
  • Posts are shorter than usual, so a bit more prone to the undergrowth
  • Control 9 is now within the wooded area rather than on the edge, so you'll need to look inside
  • It is recommended that control 14 is approached from the North/West rather than from the South/East due to nettles
  • Control 13 is within a nettle patch, but the nettles have been stamped down

Other Things to do in the Area

Cafe, bird-watching, play area. Full details here

Maps Available From

Printed maps are available from the Visitors’ Centre or can be downloaded from the British Orienteering website.

Further Information

  • White and/or yellow standard controls suitable for beginners
  • Orange and/or light green standard controls suitable for people with some experience