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Irchester Country Park

RegionEast Midlands
ClubLeicestershire Orienteering Club
Nearest townWellingborough, Northamptonshire
PostcodeNN29 7DJ
Carpark locationIrchester Country Park (Pay and Display)

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Traditional & Smartphone Virtual orienteering courses

In 2019 - 2020 this was the most popular permanent course in Northamptonshire/Leicestershire. Managed by North Northamptonshire Council. The park is scheduled to be used for England & Wales Junior Cup Final in July 2022. (The park is embargoed from July 2021 for those expecting to run.)

If you have an issue regarding broken posts please report to the Ranger while on-site or email  Irchester Ranger

Safety: The park has large earth walls and a strong path network avoiding them. Descents from the high earth walls can result in broken limbs.

Map updated

Major update in March 2018.  Minor update in July 2020.

Download a legend here Sprint Legend

Courses repaired February 2021

Traditional Courses




Suitable for

Time (mins)




Beginner; children may need to be shadowed





A child with some experience





Adult beginner confident junior


Light Green



Confident Adult or experienced junior


Winter Green

Summer Green



Hardest possible

Avoiding the worst of the nettles!





Adult or children

Some controls are too hard for beginners


Lengths of courses shown are in straight lines between controls, and the estimates of times are for someone running to someone walking. Both will vary depending on your route choice and ability

VOC Details

Use the Maprun6 app.  MapRun6 App  Garmin Watch owners may wish to use the sister app MaprunG.

Your phone (watch) beeps when you get close to the feature (a virtual control detected by your GPS signal). Upload your results to see your position on the leader board.

We suggest you download a MAPRUN map from here but you can just use the one on your smartphone.

MapRun courses available



Controls Suitable for 

Expected time


Comments Hazards Results
Yellow 1.5 11 Beginners 15 to30 Start by the engine   Yellow
Green 3.8 16 Experienced 30 to 60     Green
Score 4.5 28 Some are too hard for beginners 30 20 points per control less 10 points for each minute or part minute late   score
Race map        

A blank map for training under race conditions. Use after starting your course.

Download the "Control descriptions" to use in conjunction with this map


To use the Maprun app when in the car park, start the Maprun6 app

If you are at the site or are close by, click 'Events near me' or at home, click 'Select Event' and go to the UK/Leicestershire/Irchester folder to find the courses. Click the one you want. Click ‘go to Start’ when you are ready. When you get near the start your time begins once your phone beeps.

Beginners there are a couple of features to help you navigate: Before the start, the location and track are always shown. Once you pass the start the location and track disappear ... unless you have enabled 'show track' or 'show location'. These features can be enabled in 'Options and settings' before you start. For some courses, we had added a ‘show me’ feature. Where it's available there is a button on the screen but you can only use it a few times.


Other Things to do in the Area

High wires adventure playground 

Further Information

  • White and/or yellow standard controls suitable for beginners
  • Orange and/or light green standard controls suitable for people with some experience
  • Green colour standard or above controls available for experienced orienteers