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MapRide (MTB) Le Tour de Foret (SE stage)

RegionSouth West
ClubNorth Gloucestershire Orienteering Club
Nearest townLydney
PostcodeGL16 7EL
Carpark locationNew Fancy View Point car park

Available Map

Visit either any 15 or all 30 checkpoints (controls) in any order, as quickly as you can.

Timing and checkpoint visits are all recorded using the free MapRunF app.

Maprides are mountain bike orienteering (MTBO) courses. Le Tour de Forêt will be a multi-stage MTBO course covering the greater part of the Forests of Dean. So far this (SE) and an SW stage have been published. Each has a custom made map, where the only tracks and paths shown are those permissible for mountain bikes. These are scatter courses, meaning that there is no time limit, but you have to visit a given number of controls, with the leader being the fastest to do so. For the Grande version of the course, you must visit all 30 controls on the course; for the Petite version, you must visit any 15 of the 30 controls 9in addition to your start/finish control). Controls can be visited in any order. 

The Tour de Foret courses are Start Anywhere courses, meaning that you can start and finish at any control, not just the designated Start/Finish. You must, however, finish at the one you from which you started. Several possible parking spots with nearby possible start/finish control have been suggested.

You can of course run the course instead if you wish, though the map doesn't show any paths unpermitted for cycling, nor the thickness of the forest. 

For details of this course, including the exact location of the start and finish, see the Le Tour de Forêt SE course page on MapRun Gloucestershire.

For more information, especially if you've not done a MapRide (or MapRun) before, check out the rest of the MapRun Gloucestershire website... Here you'll find a Getting Started guide, information about the MapRide format, the leaderboard for this course and details of any upcoming events on nearby courses.

Maps Available From

Le Tour de Forêt SE course page on MapRun Gloucestershire