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MapTrail (mainly tracks/paths) Lightmoor 10

RegionSouth West
ClubNorth Gloucestershire Orienteering Club
Nearest townCinderford
PostcodeGL14 3HX
Carpark locationSmall layby opposite Dilke Memorial Hospital (not in the hospital); other options nearby

Available Map

Maptrails are aimed at runners who are looking for solid mileage without too many navigation and route choice challenges, or who are looking for some simple map reading and navigation training.

This is a (fairly flat) forest trail of about 10 miles mapped route, but you're encouraged to use the map to find short cuts between the checkpoints, either on paths or cross-country. The aim is to visit the controls (checkpoints) in order as quickly as you can, rather than just follow the red line on the map. It's a "Start Anywhere" course, meaning you can start at any control, do the circuit (including the start/finish point) and finish back at your starting control.

Timing and checkpoint visits are all recorded using the free MapRunF app, which uses GPS.

For details of this course, including the exact location of the start and finish, see the Lightmoor 10 course page on MapRun Gloucestershire.

For more information, especially if you've not done a MapTrail (or MapRun) before, check out the rest of the MapRun Gloucestershire website... Here you'll find a Getting Started guide, information about the MapTrail format (including safety advice), the leaderboard for this course and details of any upcoming events on nearby MapRunF courses.

Maps Available From

Lightmoor 10 course page on MapRun Gloucestershire

Further Information

  • Orange and/or light green standard controls suitable for people with some experience