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Nottingham Knolls MicrO courses

RegionSouth West
ClubNorth Gloucestershire Orienteering Club
Nearest townCheltenham
PostcodeGL52 3PN
Carpark locationSemicircular parking area near the top of Bushcombe Lane, just after (west of) cattle grid

Available Maps

These "MicrO" courses are very short (each about 600m long as the crow flies), making them a great challenge in thinking quickly, always knowing exactly where you are on the map and where you're going next. For each course, you must visit the checkpoints (controls) in order, your visits and timing being recorded by the MapRunF app.

The map is 1:1,000 - i.e. 1cm on the map represents just 10m on the ground. These courses make for good practice at interpreting fine contour detail, but without having to peer too closely to see the details on the map!

Because of the small scale, we've set the punching tolerance to 5m: your phone's GPS may take a little while to notice it's in the circle, so best not to take these too seriously as races! As it's just a bit of fun, we've enabled the ability to see your location and check how the GPS is doing.

For full details, including the exact location and where to find the courses in the MapRunF app, see the Nottingham Knolls MicrO course page on MapRun Gloucestershire (or from the "Courses" page, you can find these courses in the Forest Orienteering Training section).

For more information, especially if you've not done a MapRun before, check out the rest of the MapRun Gloucestershire website... Here you'll find a Getting Started guide, the leaderboard for these courses and details of any upcoming events on nearby MapRunF courses.

Maps Available From

Nottingham Knolls MicrO course page on MapRun Gloucestershire

Further Information

  • Green colour standard or above controls available for experienced orienteers