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Saltram House (National Trust))

RegionSouth West
ClubDevon Orienteering Club
Nearest townPlymouth
PostcodePL7 1UH
Carpark locationSaltram House

Saltram House (National Trust)

Permanent Orienteering Course

Info updated: 29 July 2018 - the course is in good condition and very usable. See below for details.

Saltram House is a National Trust property on the Eastern outskirts of Plymouth.


Admin Office Tel: 01752 333503
Area Warden Tel: 01752 333512
Email: Saltram@nationaltrust.org.uk
NT website


There are toilet facilities by the entrance to the house. There is also a play area for children, a cafe and NT shop

If you intend to take a large group orienteering, you are requested to contact the NT office prior to your visit to ensure there is not a clash with other planned activities.

Map Availability

From the NT ticket office on site for a small fee (£2 for a complete set of courses and a sheet providing introductory help)

Map updated

November 2010. When checked in July 2018, the map still remains good. The area around the car-park has changed a little, but the posts near here are still correctly located.


Course Controls Length
Difficulty Estimated
Time (mins)
White 8 1.3 Easy-Beginners 30
Yellow 10 2.5 A bit harder 60
Orange 11 3.7 Harder still 75
Red 16 4.8 Hard 90

Lengths of courses shown are in straight lines between controls, and the estimate of time is for a group walking around. Both will vary depending on your route choice and ability.

*Degree of Difficulty: On the White and Yellow courses, controls are on or beside a path or line feature such as a fence. As you move up to Orange and Red some of the controls will be a little further away from a path etc. On the Orange and Red courses in particular (and occasionally on the Yellow) the control posts are not necessarily easy to see directly from the paths. Read the control descriptions carefully! Note the control circles on the map are not always precisely centred on the location of the control.

Please note the following, following my check in July 2018:

There is no start/finish post

I did not locate control 8 on the Red course, as its location was overgrown and difficult to access. The post is probably still there, but I could not be sure.

Control 15 on the Red course is missing, but the control feature (a seat) is clearly locatable.


For details about how to make the best use of Devon's Permanent Orienteering Courses, and safety considerations, see:

Devon Orienteering

Safety and Risk

Participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety whilst using the course.

Other Things to do in the Area

The house and gardens are open for viewing (National Trust) and are set amidst parkland, which includes woodlands, riverside walks, and land leased for farming. National Cycle Network 27 passes through the estate.

Maps Available From

There will be a small charge of £2.00 for a map pack from the ticket office at Saltram House. Maps of the courses at nearby Plymbridge Woods are also available here. You can also find the maps for Saltram on the National Trust website if you search for "Saltram Orienteering".

Further Information

  • Wheelchair accessible
  • White and/or yellow standard controls suitable for beginners
  • Orange and/or light green standard controls suitable for people with some experience