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RegionEast Midlands
ClubLeicestershire Orienteering Club
Nearest townShepshed
PostcodeLE12 9AE
Carpark locationBritannia Street

Available Map

  • Long (unavailable until 27/09/2021)

Safety: The routes cross some busy roads so that Juniors need to be accompanied.

Use the MaprunF app. MaprunF app.  Garmin watch owners may wish to use the sister app MaprunG, you will need a printed course map.

Your phone (watch) beeps when you get close to the feature (a virtual control detected by your GPS signal). Upload your results to see your position on the leader board.

Download a map from here but you can just use the one on your smartphone.

Courses Available




No of controls Suitable for

Expected Time


Comment Results
Short 1.5 10 Beginners, accompanied juniors 15-35    
Medium 3.4 13 Beginners 25 -50    
Long 5.6 16 those with some experience

25 -60

map on two A4 pages  

Distances are measured on a straight line, typically the route you need to do is 25% longer.

All maps have a sheet giving some details about the map, especially symbols for the out of bounds areas.

Courses being tested.

To use the Maprun app when in the car park, start the MaprunF app

Click 'Events near me' or click 'Select Event' and go to the UK/Leicestershire/Shepshed folder to find the courses. Click the one you want. Click ‘go to Start’ when you are ready. When you get near the start your time begins once your phone beeps.

Further Information

  • Orange and/or light green standard controls suitable for people with some experience