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Taunton - Pyrland

RegionSouth West
ClubQuantock Orienteers
Nearest townTaunton
PostcodeTA2 7BA
Carpark locationbehind tennis courts

Available Map

This course is from one of our Junior Orienteering Group events in Autumn 2020.

You have 40 minutes to score as many points as possible


Score events do not have a prescribed order to visit the controls. You don't even have to visit all of them. What you have to do is score as many points as you can in a set time.

The point value for each control is the control number rounded down to the nearest ten. So 11-18 each score 10 points, 21-26 each score 20 points, and so on.

You will lose 30 points for each minute you return after the set time. So 40m01s would cost you 30 points and 41m28s would cost you 60 points. So unless you can grab more than 30 points per minute you overrun, don't be late back!


There are two blocks of controls - red and blue (you'll also notice that reds are odd numbers and blues are even numbers). You have can change colour once and once only. So, if you started by doing reds and then switched to blues, you couldn't go back to reds.

A single punch of the wrong colour is ignored due to the possibility of accidentally running through the punching zone for a GPS control. If you did red, red, red, blue, red, red it would be as if you never punched the blue and all the reds would count. If you did red, red, red, blue, blue, red, red the first five would count but the last two reds would be ignored as you had switched to blues.

Once you have downloaded the map from here and printed it, you also need to find the course on the MapRun app. It will be in UK - Somerset - JOG - Autumn 2020. The PIN the app will ask for is shown on the map.

Find out more about orienteering in Somerset by visiting the Quantock Orienteers website. We have plenty of helpful resources for newcomers and more experienced orienteers. We hold lots of different types of orienteering event, and our weekly JOG series is a great place to make your next step in orienteering.

Further Information

  • White and/or yellow standard controls suitable for beginners
  • Orange and/or light green standard controls suitable for people with some experience