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Windy Ridge

ClubBadenoch and Strathspey Orienteering Club
Nearest townAviemore
Carpark locationCairngorm Mountain

Available Map

This is a unique Permanent Orienteering Course. It has been developed as a training tool for mountain navigation but is also suitable for experienced orienteers looking to develop their skills on open terrain. It must be the highest POC in the UK, with the top control being at 750m above sea level! You'll find deep heather, small crags, and very rough ground, all in a totally exposed mountain environment. There is no shelter anywhere on this course, so please come dressed and prepared to orienteer in a mountain environment. This is not a sheltered POC in a town park!

There are 10 controls arranged across the map which you can explore at will. The stakes are smaller than on standard POCs: only 1-2' high, painted red and white with an identifying number.

There are no suggested courses as we expect that those using this POC will have sufficient experience to come up with their own training exercises. Each control has a very accurate 10 figure BNG grid reference shown in the control descriptions, allowing practice with GPS devices, in addition, to map and compass techniques.

Please park at Cairngorm Mountain (fee payable). It is possible to visit the Ranger Office and let them know your plans before setting off. If you do this please ensure you report your safe return once you are finished!

Maps Available From

British Orienteering POC download - print at home.

Further Information

  • Orange and/or light green standard controls suitable for people with some experience
  • Green colour standard or above controls available for experienced orienteers