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Bedworth Miners Welfare Park

RegionWest Midlands
ClubOctavian Droobers
Nearest townBedworth
PostcodeCV12 8NN
Carpark locationCV12 8NN

Available Maps

Miners Welfare Park is managed by Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough Council who grant funded the production of these maps and courses as part of their Get Active For Life scheme. There are courses suitable for complete novices through to experienced orienteers and one is fully accessible using paved paths. As the name suggests, the park is situated on old colliery workings and mixes urban parkland with rougher terrain. One fairly unusual installation in the park is a well used disc golf course which is well worth doing while you are there. Please take care and watch out for disc golfers when doing the courses.

All courses are based on the MapRun phone App which needs to be loaded prior to doing the courses. Instructions on downloading and using the App are shown on the reverse side of the individual maps and there is also a separate instruction pdf to download. There are no posts or other orienteering markers out on the courses.

Three courses are available, each with a two page map with instructions on the reverse. There is also a three page map showing all of the courses and a separate instruction sheet. The courses are:

Beginners Accessible - the shortest course at about 1.7km is based in the town park area and is fully accessible. It is ideal for people trying orienteering for the first time or those new to phone orienteering. The course can be completed by remaining on paved paths although it is possible to go across the park in places. Controls are located on easily visible features.

Intermediate - around 2.25km and visits some of the rougher terrains around the old colliery slag heap. It also includes some control sites on ground features which are not as obvious as those on the Beginners Accessible course. This course is ideal for newcomers to orienteering who wish to step-up and it is also suitable for regular orienteers training on 'sprint' type courses.

Long - will be over 4.5kms total distance and visits the rougher areas of the park. Suitable for regular orienteers and also for newcomers who wish to test their skills a little further. It mixes some longer legs which will test speed and also some more complex shorter legs where care is needed.


VOC Details

This course is only available as a virtual orienteering course on MapRun which needs to be downloaded to your phone before attempting the course. There are instructions on the reverse side of the map on how to use mapRun.

Other Things to do in the Area

MWP has a full leisure centre with all the usual facilities plus the disc golf course. The park also has tennis facilities, outdoor courts, skate park, bowls, adventure play areas, outdoor gym and other amenities. Bedworth town centre is only a short walk away.

Website access for the leisure Centre is Local Sports and Leisure Facilities | Leisure Facilities | Nuneaton & Bedworth (nuneatonandbedworth.gov.uk)

Maps Available From

These course are MapRun only and maps are not available for local purchase.

Further Information

  • Wheelchair accessible
  • White and/or yellow standard controls suitable for beginners
  • Orange and/or light green standard controls suitable for people with some experience
  • Green colour standard or above controls available for experienced orienteers