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King's Forest Punch Regional Event, 13/02/2010

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Green (length: 4.8km, climb: 30m, 16 controls)

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Richard BarkerSOSM195300:46:391131
2Susan HooperHHF195400:51:501035
3Claire DuncanKFOF196900:53:411001
4Rob CoulterSUFFOCM194700:55:54960
5David LeeNGOCM193601:00:42872
6Gillian RossEPOCF194801:01:31857
7John WebbSUFFOCM193601:05:42780
8Geoff EaglesNORM195101:07:47741
9Jane FeltbowerODF195201:09:12715
10Wesley MusallSUFFOCM194901:09:32709
11Rodney FreeburnNORM193801:10:45687
12Janet BiggsHAVOCF195301:13:05644
13Bill McLeanSUFFOCM193601:13:06644
14Nancy Powell DaviesBLF195001:16:52574
15Maria MarshallWAOCF195201:20:02515
16Ruth SaxlWAOCF194501:30:20325
17Colin ButlerSUFFOCM194901:41:10298
-harry liNORM199501:39:21
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