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TVOC Southern Championships National Event, FCC and UK Cup, 13/03/2011

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Axel Wrådhe3M01:06:23
2Jonathan CrickmoreSYOM199301:08:221310
3James TaylorINTM199101:10:321296
4Peter Taylor-BraySNM199301:12:001287
5Jonathan MalleyNATOM199201:12:131285
6Magnus Glännefors70M01:13:03
7William GardnerODM199301:13:251278
8Robert GardnerODM199101:15:351264
9Ben MaliphantBOKM199401:16:101261
10Jack BenhamSLOWM199401:17:231253
11Rasmus Palmqvist Aslaksen29M01:19:33
12Chris OwensDEEM199401:20:301233
13Joakim Berg9M01:21:25
14Carl EdmondsLOCM199301:23:361213
15André Sahlsten47M01:25:02
16Thomas ButtSARUMM199201:26:241194
17David MaliphantDRONGOM199201:26:551191
18Calum BarnetsonODM199301:27:551185
19Krister Kölzow47M01:28:08
20Simon BradburyLEIM199401:31:051165
21Craig ThomsonFVOM199401:35:201138
-Joel Lenell47M01:28:49
-Tobias Forsen79M01:37:40
-Chris YoungHHM199401:12:32
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