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DFOK Regional Event - SE League Event, 18/03/2012

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Joanne HicklingSAXF196500:51:401170
2Richard BostockSAXM196400:58:191062
3Edward LinesSOM199800:58:22
4Philip CravenDFOKM195400:58:571052
5Ray CurtisCHIGM195400:59:531037
6Jeremy OldershawSAXM193801:02:56988
7Annabelle TaylorF199601:06:04937
8Douglas DeeksSAXM193801:06:50925
9Hedley CalderbankHHM195101:07:34913
10Maire ConveryTAYF196701:09:23884
11Philip NorrisSAXM194901:09:48877
12John CapelingSAXM194201:14:07807
13Allison PageDFOKF197001:15:15789
14Alison SaundersHHF195901:15:45781
15Naomi DrewittDFOKF197501:16:38767
16Barbara BeckettHAVOCF195501:17:15757
17Frances GoldingayHHF194901:18:00745
18Peter WoodDFOKM194701:19:28721
19Dawn FiggPFOF196901:20:16708
20Philip YoungHHM195601:24:08646
21Anita KingdonSAXF195401:26:48602
22Penny ParkesHHF195701:27:50586
23Julie CollinsDFOKF196001:28:26576
24Anthony ConnellanSAXM193901:32:21513
25Nicky MassonMVF196401:38:55407
26John HardyLOKM194101:39:36396
27Mike ElliotMVM195101:43:33332
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