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DFOK Regional Event - SE League Event, 18/03/2012

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Miika TalaHS00:25:29
2Thomas M'CawHHM199900:28:51
3Thomas JarvisRAFOM199900:37:42
4Katie TaylorF199800:38:09
5Alison BostockSAXF196900:44:47
6Imogen SquireMVF199900:44:56
7Marion BondSARUMF196400:46:16
8Bertie HarringtonDFOKM199800:46:18
9Daniel FiggHHM199800:47:44
10Wolfgang AltenauIND00:49:32
11Barbara PageHHF196800:55:06
12Daphna AlonSLOWF196401:35:48
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