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Southern Championships, 23/09/2012

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Dane BlomquistSNM199600:55:15
2Michael AdamsLOCM199600:57:00
3Nicholas JarvisSOM199600:57:59
4Radim FajkusSK PROSTEJOVM199601:00:50
5Alistair MassonINTM199701:03:03
6Alistair ThorntonFVOM199601:03:31
7Johannes Bakke AashamarFLOSTA ILM199601:06:07
8Svein S JacobsenTYRVINGM195201:07:08
9Tim MorganINTM199701:07:41
10William LouthWAOCM199801:08:20
11Nathan LawsonODM199701:09:05
12Harrison McCartneyLOKM199801:11:44
13Matthew FellbaumMDOCM199801:12:08
14Hamish RogersODM199601:15:04
15Bryn WilkinsonSUFFOCM199701:15:42
16Michael HallettBOKM199701:15:59
17Nick MalbonNOCM199601:17:55
18Euan TebbuttCUOCM199801:23:12
19James ErringtonHHM199701:41:11
20Stephen ElkingtonODM199701:42:34
21Theo PicardCOBSM199601:47:51
22Alex BettSNM199701:48:36
23Brenno PastòA.S.D. Arces OKM199602:08:27
-Roderick ManselSUFFOCM199702:29:13
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