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Southern Championships, 23/09/2012

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Elizabeth BorchorstMariager Fjord OKW195200:42:16
2Berit SaxhaugRAUMAR ORIENTERINGW194700:57:46
3Barbro Falck-YtterGjø-Vard O-lagW195701:01:43
4Anne PowerLOKF193201:03:43650
5Ann HarrisSMOCF195401:09:15617
6Freda PeirceSARUMF194101:12:57596
7Audrey Wilson HayGRAMPF194801:14:28587
8Else-Margrethe BredlandSSOKW194701:17:57
9Alison CurtisCHIGF195601:19:42556
10Maria MarshallWAOCF195201:22:19541
11Elizabeth UrquhartODF195401:38:01449
12Anne-Marie HillierNGOCF195201:38:53444
13Ursula OxburghWAOCF193402:15:13232
14Shirley MoirLEIF193702:20:42200
-Elin Glad BalchenOddersjaa SSKW195201:16:34
-Judith GuillaumeSYOF195301:17:09
-Penny HemstedHOCF194101:42:50
-Darrell CruickshankBKOM192502:00:13
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