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Southern Championships, 23/09/2012

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Rose SchorahNOCF198700:49:32
2Helen HanstockBOKF198901:02:20
3Olwen RowlandsBOKF198701:08:37
4Philippa AllenCHIGF197901:14:21
5Jennie WarnerSOF197901:17:11
6Claire MillsBAOCF198201:17:29
7Arne Johannes LoekkenFLOSTA ILM199401:18:32
8Sebastian SchochTHURGORIENTAM199201:20:19
9Per-Martin GronliFLOSTA ILM199401:22:14
10Teija RauhalaHiidenkadun HurjatW199101:30:19
11Amy KimberleyDVOF199501:47:30
12Clare WoodsWAOCF198801:50:30
13Lucie LebrumentCOBSW199401:52:43
14Christopher DaltonTVOCM199502:00:54
15Raquel SacchettiW199102:17:32
-Hannah CooperSLOWF197801:24:28
-Voirrey WalshBAOCF197901:35:56
-Marion DuvalletCOBSW199401:51:39
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