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GRAMP Scottish O League 6, 25/09/2011

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12 White (length: 1.9km, climb: 40m, 9 controls)

Other courses: 1 Black | 2 Brown | 3 Short Brown | 4 Blue | 5 Short Blue | 6 Green | 7 Short Green | 8 Light Green | 10 Orange | 11 Yellow
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Grant McMurtrieMAROCM200200:13:34
2Joel GoochMAROCM200400:15:07
3Eilidh CampbellMAROCF200100:16:02
4Pierre LardetFVOM200300:16:05
5Alice NicollTAYF200200:16:16
6Aidan WelchMAROCM200100:16:42
7Ellis HunterECKOM200300:17:23
8Sioned EllisBASOCF000000:19:24
9Pippa CarcasINTF200300:19:36
10Kirsty CampbellMAROCF200100:20:57
11Daniel MellorMAROCM200100:21:03
12Angus WilliamsonM200200:21:31
13Callum WelchMAROCM200400:22:32
14Ciara MellorMAROCF200100:22:33
15Maya ReynardGRAMPF200400:23:14
16Gemma CollinsMAROCF200400:25:18
17Lewis SmithM200200:27:20
18Morven FarquharsonGRAMPF200500:28:51
19Amber GrahamMAROCF200300:30:10
20Eefke JansenWCOCF000000:30:28
21Shannon DowMAROCF000000:34:48
22Morven DuncanKFOF200400:40:47
-Ewan MusgraveMAROCM200400:18:08
-Fiona EadesINTF200400:26:36
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