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GRAMP Scottish O League 6, 25/09/2011

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7 Short Green (length: 2.9km, climb: 130m, 12 controls)

Other courses: 1 Black | 2 Brown | 3 Short Brown | 4 Blue | 5 Short Blue | 6 Green | 8 Light Green | 10 Orange | 11 Yellow | 12 White
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Denise WrightMAROCF196500:39:01984
2Jane CarcasINTF196600:44:25930
3Frances GetliffMAROCF196300:44:47927
4Elizabeth BarrMORF196700:45:07923
5Eilidh NolanESOCF199200:46:19911
6Eileen MaxwellRRF196300:46:39908
7Eleanor PyrahESOCF194400:48:48887
8Marion MacCormickBASOCF194400:49:16882
9Jim ClarkESOCM193600:49:17882
10Oonagh GrassieGRAMPF195500:50:06874
11Norma CouttsESOCF194000:51:13863
12Fiona KincaidECKOF195700:53:06844
13Marjory CraigMAROCF194500:53:09843
14Tessa CampbellMAROCF196300:53:55836
15Janet ClarkESOCF194100:54:04834
16Anne HoyESOCF195800:54:23831
17Carolyn DudleyMAROCF196200:56:46807
18Jayne MacGregorESOCF195501:01:32760
19Marguerite PennellWCOCF194001:01:37759
20Moira LawsTAYF194201:08:15693
21Kathy DaleMAROCF196501:09:11683
22Kirsteen KershawESOCF194701:12:08654
23Brian YatesESOCM194401:13:33640
24Angus AitkenGRAMPM192901:16:58606
25Audrey Wilson HayGRAMPF194801:17:25601
26Lesley BrombyGRAMPF195601:18:42588
27Liz FraserTAYF194201:18:43588
28Margaret AustGRAMPF194901:25:03525
29Jane McQuillenSOLWAYF194301:32:04455
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